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This weeks review....Bicycle GHOST deck. This review is on the white GHOST deck from Ellusionist.

The deck sells for $9.95 Canadian.

The tuck box is a bone white colour,the front of the box has Bicycle printed at the top, GHOST printed at the bottom and a really cool looking Spade design in the middle. The back of the box has the rider back design in black print.

The top of the box has POKER and a Queen of hearts reveal on it. The bottom of the box has a cool Jack of diamonds bar code reveal.

The one side of the box has Air-Cushion Finish and Made in U.S.A printed on it and the other side has The U.S. Playing card co. Erlanger,Ky 41018 printed on it.


The deck fans,spreads and faro's very nicely but isnt the best deck i have ever spread well with so I'll give this deck a 8/10..


The back of the cards has the rider back design in black print with white boarder and a inner faded grey boarder. When you spread this deck you can get a nice white (blank look). Very nice.Actually its very very nice..

The front of the cards are a bone white with all suit pips in black. The diamonds and heart cards have a blood red pip in the top left and bottom right of the card, with all centre pips in black. Very nice when fanned face up.

The court cards look like they have had the colour drained out of them only the diamonds and hearts have any colour (corner pips).

The ace of spades has Bicycle 808 and GHOST printed on the top of the card and the same cool Spade design as the front of the box.

The joker is very cool with a top hat wearing, whip carrying, scare crow looking guy on it, the deck comes with two jokers.

One joker has a ace of clubs reveal on it. The deck also comes with two Ellusionist advert cards.

Bicycle Ghost Deck Round Up

Overall I'll give the look of this deck a 9/10

This is a really nice deck of cards and well worth the price. I'll give this deck a 8/10 over all.

Well there you go any questions or comments are always welcome. Until next week stay magic

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