Bicycle Karnival Dead Eyes
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The Bicycle Karnival Dead Eyes Card Deck

If you were playing cards in the movie SAW these are the cards you would be playing with....  They look a bit evil and very very dark


They fan, spread, faroe like butter, very nice fan display face up or face down, they are very easy to use and bring a freshness to them which makes you want to play with them a lot. They are easily worked and good for the all moves and sleights you need to do..

You get the world famous United States Playing Card Company Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.

Slick is a word i would use for this technology and if a card doesn't have it... then isn't worth bothering with, the technology has moved on so much that any stickiness of cards then bin them!! And use these!!

This is the marker, the standard that is set with this sort of finish to the cards.


Well.. kind of a Gothic look,with a blood splattered corps back. The cards have a aged look with burnt corners, number cards have there value written down the sides and are blood splattered..

The art work on the ace's is awesome, each a work of art. The court cards have an eerie look, all court cards eye's are blacked out,with them displaying there eye balls in a creepy way, horrific is the way i would describe it.. its for the deepest darkest of card tricks..

It stems from a Gothic look and if you were performing a dark trick with a bit of a nightmare storyline, these cards are for you.


Reveal on the card box bar code, reveal on one of the jokers, reveal on the back of cards ( top right and bottom left) and two gaff cards If your into the macabre this deck is for you.

Bicycle Karnival Dead Eyes Round Up

This Pack of Bicycle Karnival Dead Eyes will serve you well and if looked after will last a very long time. For tips on how to look after your deck.

Click here for our guide on looking after your deck. This article will give you tips on how to maintain your deck and preserve them for the future, saving you money not having to buy another deck.

Over all Score for the deck... i give it 8'/10.

If you have any questions on this Bicycle Karnival Dead Eyes deck,or would like a deck reviewed..please contact me here

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