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This Bicycle Red Dragon deck is from Magic Makers Inc. The deck sells for $9.95

The Tuck box...The front of the box has a stunning two tone look,using red and yellow. At the top is written Bicycle in yellow,under that is Red Dragon Deck in white.

Below this is a yellow Dragon (kind of odd,as this is a red dragon deck). At the bottom of the box has Playing Cards.

The back of the box has the Rider Back design in yellow print,on a red background. The bottom of the box has,

From The Worlds Leader in Tricks & Magic DVDs www.MagicMakersinc.com. The top of the box has RED DRAGON printed on it.

One side of the box has RED DRAGON DECK and the other side has Air-Cushion Finish . Made In U.S.A. printed on it.

HANDLING...The deck handle's very smooth fanning, spreading, faroing are very easy with this deck. Fanning this deck in the face down in a tight fan, you can get a all red look. Fanning face up, you get a great look of just the pip's on a all red background....8/10

LOOK OF THE DECK...Ace of spades is your standard Bicycle 808 card,in black on a red background. Spades and Clubs pip's are black,Hearts and Diamonds pip's are yellow.

All number cards,are your standard Bicycle look on a vibrant red background. The back of the cards has the Rider back design in yellow on a red background which makes them very striking and pleasing to the eye.

The court cards....Your standard court cards are used hear,but with a heavy green and yellow colouring. They look great on a bright red card.

The Joker....A bright red card with a yellow Dragon and the word DRAGON on it. Very simple but effective. Looking striking also.

Bicycle Red Dragon Deck Round Up

The deck comes with three gaff cards. One double backed card,one blank red face card and a double backed card with reverse order which you can produce some nice effects with.

(one side is the same as the rest of the deck yellow Rider Back design on a red background and the other side is a yellow card with red Rider Back design)....8/10.

Over all I rate this deck and nice 8/10. Worth investing in for table magic indeed.

Well there you go..any questions or comments are much appreciated. For an article about looking after your cards then click here

Till next week stay magic...

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