Black Raider Deck
Card Deck Review

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The Black Raider Deck, Card Deck Review

This is the other Raider deck from magic network. Sells for $6.49.

The deck's tuck box is the same as the white deck,but in a black form. But very impressive and good attention to detail!!


Again I found them a little stiff out of the box, but after a few shuffles, spreads,fan's, they became much better to work with.

They have a much better look when fanned face up or down,than the white deck.

I'll give this deck a 8/10. It is a brilliant deck and very much worth the money you pay for it.

Extremely slick and impressionable, try it out at those special events you perform at.

It will make you look professional and skilled. The Black Raider Deck is a must in your arsenal of decks and magic!!

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The ace of spades is the same as the white deck,only on a black background.

The back of the cards has the same design as the white deck,but with black borders.

The number card have white pips for the clubs and spades that really pop on the black background.

The hearts and diamonds are red and look amazingly vibrant on the black background.

Its really striking and can really help in the professionalism of your magic and good reactions when you use them.

The court cards are awesome,with bright red,white and purple colouring on a black background.

A thin blue inner border,with a bold black outer border.

The 3 Week Diet


Our skeleton pirate friend returns...Rex Raider,standing on a moon lit beach. The deck comes with two jokers.

One Rex Raider holding a face down card. The other joker has a amassing 4 of hearts reveal. This reveal, really pops on the joker background.

The deck also comes with a double back card and a magic network advert card. Over all look I'll give this deck a very worthy 9/10.  Worth its weight in gold!!

This makes for a great card trick involving a double lift !! Worth learning!!


Black Raider Deck Round up

I like this decks look and handling a little better than the white deck...9/10

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Well there you are. Until next week..stay magic

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