Crazy Mans Handcuffs
The Complete Guide

Crazy Mans Handcuffs.. The complete Guide. The ultimate Rubber Band trick which was performed by David Copperfield once in his stage show..

There are many ways in which to do the Crazy Mans rubber band trick and we will show you two ways in which you can perform this trick.

Its a beautiful trick to keep in your arsenal of tricks. Whether it is street magic or table magic. This is a free magic trick you will use.

You will need two rubber bands to do this trick.. the smaller the better to give you the best chance of pulling off this illusion. I use size 16 rubber bands.

The Original Performance

Crazy Mans handcuffs magic trick Free Magic Trick Free Rubber Band Magic trick
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As you can see it involves a clever sleight of hand move in which the rubber band moves position from one way to another (reminds me of my favorite Blondie record but I digress) .. You move the rubber band but pinching your first finger very tightly against the middle finger to make a grip of the rubber band, then by moving the fingers into the whole created by the movement of separating the bands through the middle, you pushing your finger into that hole then releasing the rubber band back to the middle as your fingers revert back to the original stance.. the move is then complete.  Another time to do the the sleight is shown below by Jarek 120

The 3 Week Diet

Crazy Mans Handcuffs Jared Style

Crazy Mans handcuffs magic trick Free Magic Trick Free Rubber Band Magic trick
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It is a nice effect which I use doing table magic in restaurants and street magic to get the crowd interested. It really does work. And i promise you will get you gigs again and again as its quick, easy and fools every punter and customer you do it too. ITS WORTH LEARNING!!

Many people at tables do not want to see magic with the cards.. but show them this and its a go go go all the way to the Bank!!

I use it every time I go to a table. Its different and very special!!

Watch David Copperfield perform this trick below

Another free magic trick from Free magic tricks and illusions

Thanks go to Jarek and Illusionjinx for submitting these tricks to youtube for our learning.

Remember keep the magic and illusion to yourself

David Copperfield Crazy Mans Hand-cuffs trick!!

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