DECK ONE Industrial Edition Card Deck Review

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Deck One Industrial Edition..This is an excellent deck of cards, designed by Homer Anthony Liwag. Very special edition and will become a rare deck in the future so buy it soon before it sells out.

They sell for $9.00 and well worth it.

The tuck box is made with 25% thicker stock than normal Bicycle cards. The box has a gunmetal look, with a machine gear design on the back, the front of the box has the Industrial Edition and a split spade that looks like it was stamped on the box. Its stunning and very appealing to the eye.

The bottom of the box has the Theory11 logo on it.

These decks glisten in the light and are made in limited quantities.

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Deck One Round Up

The handling...This deck fans,spreads and faroes perfectly..Its a dream to work with and i cannot put this rating lower than 9/10

The look of the cards...The back of the cards have a futuristic machine gear design in black, with white boarders.

The number cards have a dark red (diamonds, hearts) pips and a dark black

( clubs, spades) pips on them. Very unique in their design and print.

The ace of spades has a split spade with another machine part in the middle, also it has INDUSTRIAL written at the top, the spade also has a faded smudged look to it.

The court cards are very unique in appearance.

They also have dark coloured pips with faded colouring and a smokey, smudged look. Very cool.

The joker has the word joker written on the top left, bottom right of the card.

The design stays with the theme of the deck, with another futuristic machine part, in faded, smudged black.

The deck comes with two joker cards, a double backed gaff card and a Theory11 advert card. I don't know why they put an advert card in the deck.. I know where they have come from.

Over all look of the deck...10/10

This is really a fantastic deck of cards....9/10

Get them while you can HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, Billy!!

You will struggle to find another deck like this for a while. Worth every dollar in my opinion.

Well there you go, any comments or questions are always welcome...Tell next week . Stay magic..

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Do you have a card deck to Review?

Do you have a card deck to Review? Share it!


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