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19 Feb 2012

Hello my name is Derek Douglas and welcome to Derek Says. Now I’m sorry for my long absents, State Tests are coming up and I’m spending most of my time studding for those. So for this week, I thought I’d go over what’s ‘great’ at Theory11. So let’s start off with the Monarchs.Fit for a king, so well put together, best playing cards ever, blah blah blah. Wrong. If I’d have to five a king playing cards, it’d be the Aristocrats (Review below) though the box may look good, it fell apart the day after I got them. Not by me sitting on it, it just randomly came unglued. But the cards are actually nice. I like the back and the Jokers. The courts have a gold-ish look to them which is nice. But they handle just like a Bike deck you’d get at Walmart for a dollar. So, no these aren’t as great as you’ve heard but still nice.

The standard since 1930, the biggest collector deck, blah, blah, blah. The Aristicrats, probably the best deck I’ve ever handled. They have a Linen Finish which is amazing. Hold them in your hand (Even after 2 months of use) and they’ll gently glide off one another. Great deck, great price. The box may not have as much fancy foiling, but it’s simple enough to fly under the radar of spectators. It has a cool optical illusion back which you’ll end up staring at all day. A lot better than the Monarchs, HIGHLY recommended.

The greatest mentalism feat ever. Possibly the greatest iPhone trick ever. This is iPredict+. Now I do think all the things above. I love this effect. It gets strong reactions, is super easy, and is fun all together. You might think ten dollars is too much for an app, but once you make that first call on yourself, that one call is worth the 10 dollars all together. Now with this app you can make an in-app purchase for 3 dollars of another fortune teller named Nadia, who predicts numbers between 1-75. This mode takes some memorization (Which is kinda hard) but you’ll get used to it and she’s just as fooling as Christen. Again, highly recommended.Well that is it for this week’s Derek Says, thank you for reading, and if you will been aesome enough to check out my YouTube ( it will be greatly appreciated. I will write to you, next week.

December 27 2011


Hello and welcome to the Christmas/Hanaku/Holiday Day Addition of Derek Says. And then of course my birthday addiction because today is my birthday! Today we will be discussing Shin Lim’s new effect, the awesomeness of US half dollars, the new World Magic News section, and a review Eye Opener from Jay Sankey. So let’s get started.The world magic news came a bit of a surprise to me because I wasn’t in knowledge of it and when I got the e-mail I knew it was a 42 degree turn in the right direction. Now I have all the research for Derek Says in one place and it’ll be easier for me to find articles. And then of course the readers (That’s you) can know what we’re talking about in Derek Says before it even airs so I’m probably sticking to Inside Magic for now.Half dollars: The forgotten coin that used to be widely known…now no one has them in their wallet anymore, no longer produced by the US Government. Why, this coin, why not a useless penny (It’s heading in the same direction)? Tragedy struck in the 1970s with the rise of the silver market, the tragedy that ended magician’s favorite coin. But no longer! They are still obtainable at banks, which makes my coin magic 101% awesomer and all kinds of palms easier and I love them! But seriously go pick up some and if your in another country your missing out. Big time.Now to IV by my buddy Shin Lim. I haven’t had the chance to purchase it yet but the productions look so good and visual, it’s the dark chocolate of magic. I’ll have a link to the product page somewhere in here whether right here ( Go check it out and if your interested, buy it. I’m defiantly going to get it the second I have money.Now to a review on Eye Opener by Jay Sankey. I love this effect, I keep the gimmick in my box, so now my opinion on different components.Effect- The effect is where you draw a face on a back of a card, eyes closed asleep, and with a snap, the eyes completely visually open. Can’t get better than that. 9/10Method- The method is extremely simple, gimmick is real easy to make, and I just love it. 9/10Quality- This is standard Sankey quality which is acceptable but it looks like it was just filmed in his living room with lamp lights and an old camera. 6/10Explanation- He explains it pretty well, teaches a stand up handling and a way to make it a bit cleaner in the end. I don’t have any complaints. 10/10Price- Being the card nerd I am I probably would’ve paid $10 for this so seeing it for $5 is a big steal in my opinion. It could’ve also gone for a full length DVD. Defiantly worth it. 10/10Overall- It has great potential but I’d like to see the production quality be a bit higher. 9/10.Well this has been the Holiday addition of Derek Says can’t wait to see you next week, have safe travel.



December 10 2011


Hello and welcome to Derek Says. This week we will spend revewing a more recent trick of mine called ShiNAG by my friend Shin Lim. We’re going to go through what I think of the technique, the film quality, the method, the performance, and then the whole trick. So let’s get into it.If you haven’t heard about ShiNAG it’s described as a simple, powerful, and impromptu way to reveal a selected signed card. With the action of a card spring, a card is found by grabbing a card as it flies by.Ok first the technique. It’s really great, never really seen this done before but will take a little bit of practice. I’m not saying it’s not worth it. Everything Shin’s done is so worth the time to work on and master. It didn’t take too long to actually get it good but it’s super easy to flash while doing the move but if you’ve practiced your angles and the moves good enough it’s really great and so worth it. 9/10.The quality: One word: Dang. First of all it used a T2i Rebel which promises greats looks and 1080 pixels. And then, if that’s not enough, he edits with Adobe Cs5.5. Which of course your not a nerd like me an probably don’t understand one word of that paragraph so I’m going to simplified it a bit. Very good picture. Made of 1080 building blocks. Expensive camera. Movie editing system. 14/10.The Method: The method is very simple, it’s well hidden, and as long as you can push a card into a deck and spring them, it’s done. Several have asked Shin if ‘I ever pick the wrong card, what’s the set-up, is it extremely hard?’ And the answers are no. This method’s great and I don’t think it can be perfected any further. My only complaint is that it can’t performed surrounded which is a problem for me because I offend perform surrounded. 9/10The Performance: It has several variations, 7, and all of them are shown and taught. It would’ve been nice to have a live performance on the trailer because I wasn’t sure how much it fooled. But you will not be unsatisfied I can tell you that. 7/10Overall: I can’t say enough about it, the tricks just wow, the methods even better, then the film quality beats all. 9/10.Well this has been Derek Says, I will not be able to post next week because of personal things. I might do it earlier in the week but if I don’t remember I’ll get it in the next week. I’ll see you next week.

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Review #003 November 03 2011

Hello people who own an interweb router. I have an excuse as to why is been TWO FLIPPIN’ MONTHS since my last issue. Wait, no I don’t. Please forgive me I have not forgotten about you. Since I have epic hypnosis abilities, you now think I’ve had an issue every week.

First I’d like to start off saying Sunday Jay Sankey released his new project, the Gimmick Lab. I’m going to save your Friday night by not going into extreme details of what the project is because any magician knows who Jay Sankey is and got all his Tweets/e-mails/Facebook posts ect cetera. The weird thing is a few days ago I had a bit more visual version of Scar Tissue made. Now I’m not saying Jay’s version is bad, it’s probably better than mine in millions of ways, I just also have an idea like that sitting on my shelf. And also…A FULL TIC TAC BOX INTO A PLASTIC BOX?! That dude is genius. On four degrees. Ok maybe five. He’s unscalable, okay?

Now for news that will make you cry…the death of FML (I just noticed what else those initials can mean…). See, Jay Jay’s Youtube account got terminated because of to many offenses to the Youtube Terms of Services. I mean seriously he helped many magicians be more awesomer and they banned him for that, and they still haven’t banned Two Girls, One Cup? If you haven’t seen that video, please don’t. You’ll never be able to sleep again.

And next for Fuze by Jeff Prace. Fuze is an epic torn and restore card that will sure make you love this kid instantly and has already gotten good reviews by Calen Morelli and some other person which of who’s name I cannot remember. I can tell you in 20 years this will most likely still be the standard of torn and restored cards, except the one on Zach Mueller’s channel. It’s beast and when it’s released please get it. Since I have not gone into the effect yet, here we go. You get a signed card and rip the corner off. The corner is then signed. And then with pure delicacy, it is placed back on…just one part. Then he slowly fuses the rest together.

11/11/11 at 11:11 PM…Why did I just mentioned that? Because so many 1s? OF COURSE but also…the release of the Monarchs. Yes, a new original deck from Theory11. I’ve heard good stuff from all my pals at Theory11 *MASSIVE SARCASM* and they sound pretty awesome. According to Zach Mueller, ‘They’re soft and silky and feels like a baby’s butt’. So I can’t wait to see this.

With the last topic of this night, we discuss Exposé, the new webshow from Theory11. And yes, I do love Theory11. Basically this is Zach and some new girl named Christen or something like that review magic effects per week, go perform it on the street, and give they’re true, honest opinions. With the first show they might’ce talked me into getting Vertigo which we all know I don’t have enough money for. Or I do but you don’t because you don’t know my personal life. Or do you?
Well that is it ladies and gents you’ll read me, next week.


Review#002 Sept 09 2011


Hello my name is Derek Douglas, and this is Derek Says.

On Saturday the most ground-breaking project to ever to be done ever was released. This was called the Wire, which took four years of development from Theory11. Now the Wire is a creator’s platform we you submit your trick, trailer and explanation, it goes through an approval process, and then within 72 hours you can release it and control everything about it. Now you could still put it in the Theory11 line but this is just a bit of fun. They described it to ‘Not be looking for the new big thing, but to get your creative juices flowing, basically this is all they said it would be.
While still on the topic of the Wire, I will be realising some of my own work to it sometime soon so I’ll keep you updated on that. But just to show you what the Wire is, here’s some of the tricks that’s already been posted.

RepAIR (Remember that name)-

Mime(This one’s an easy flourish, it’s free)-

Now let’s move on to non-Wire news, which will seem utterly boring after hearing that since nothing can top that….But I’m gonna do it anyway.
This week here on FMTAI, we brought a new team member aboard. Say hey to Billy, our new card deck reviewer. Now me and Billy go far back and he’s really helped me improve my magic so I’m returning the favor and sending you to his AWESOME deck reviews.
Now, let’s move on to Now, I’m not a fan of Criss Angel, but I was running low on articles this week so I decided to check out his Magic Broadcasting Network. I personal love that idea, but that’s not the topic. The topic is this weeks Magic Phenom. Now this is a show that does lectures on different topics of magic and how to make your performance better. This week it was hosted by Jonathan Pendragon. I loved this lecture he talked about how to present your tricks in three ways: the magician did the trick, the assistant did the trick, or it was just plain magic. The only downfall of this lecture is the fact that there was a picture of bunnies bowing down to a tree in the background. Can someone explain that to me?
Now it is time for this weeks magic review.

Name- RepAIR

Description and Effect- A balloon is blown up then popped.

It is seen popped yet, with a message from the magician, he blows air back into the balloon, fully restored.

Difficulty- Easy

Price- $14.95

Comments- He does throw out some comedy which I hate. We don’t buy magic effects for comedy, we buy it to learn.

star ratings out of 5- The trick itself gets a ***** but because of the ‘comedy’ in the explanation, the download gets a *** which over-all rounds it to around a ****.

Availability- The Wire

OK folks, that’s it for this week. Send your comments and I’m sure my boss will get them to me.
Write on,

Review#001 Sept 01 2011

Hello my name’s Derek, and as you can tell, I am a writer. I’ve been writing since the second grade, I’d be what you’d consider a ‘newer’ magician, so now that I introduced myself, I’ll get into the news. Now a few days ago I was looking at some magic related news and saw something about some Neil Patrick. I’d never heard of him before, but apparently he’s some person who thinks he can act, direct, produce, and do magic at the same time…? But according to the news article, it’s weird that he shows up at every magic related story or event. Apparently this is eerie but it makes me know he’s a true magician. I know a lot of true magicians, but I’m not sure how many of them would help pay to refurnish Hudini’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Now my next topic is on someone all us magician’s know and hate: the Masked Magician. If you don’t know who he is, in the 1997-98 and more recently he revealed magic tricks on national TV. On the fourth edition of the Breaking the Magician’s Code in 1997-98, he revealed himself to be the dried up Las Vegas magician Val Valentino. Around ten years later he did a thirteen episode series doing the same as a decade ago. But I have reason’s to believe this is a new magician. Over the decade they’ve done other specials with different magicians even though it’s the same costumes, I think it’s not the same magician. The first reason I have is that he looks fatter in the new episodes. Now, I know a person can get fat in 10 years but also: if everyone knows who he is, why wear the mask? Or at least talk?

This week’s review is on Inside Job by Jay Sankey, only available on the Bending the Real DVD.

Effect- You un-screw the cap off an ordinary water bottle and then with three taps of it to the bottom, it passes through the bottle. Then, everything is examined.

Difficulty- This effect is super easy after about a day of practice, though I recommend practicing more but just for angel purposes. The project cost $35 and includes 25 ‘Bends’ which means a trick, hoax or prank so check it out.

Comments- This effect is only really angle sensitive in the beginning and then into the effect it’s self you can be a bit more lose but if you get too loose you’ll flash just like you would in the beginning.

Star ratings out of 5- **** because of the few angle problems but other than that, it’s a completely amazing effect.

Availability- is the best place to get it since it comes straight from Jay’s warehouse but it is also available in

Write on,


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