Impossible Three Card Trick

The Impossible Three Card trick is a classic.

Its all impromptu and can be done when the need to show of your skill at a table.All you need is a deck of cards and a lot of practice. It will serve you well in your repertoire of card magic.

You basically ask three volunteers to pick a card from three piles of cards. The rest is easy. Just act like its a mind reading feat that you don't understand how it works and this will fool the audience.

You then follow the procedure as explained within the video and you produce the three cards the spectators have picked. And then wait for the reaction.

It could be used as a mentalist effect but best used to prove your skills as a magician.

Our thanks to RJB Magic (Look for his you tube channel).  for allowing us to use his trick on the website. He has loads of videos that will inspire you to learn better magic than you have done before.

Watch the video below and learn the secret to The Card Trick. Then practice it till you get it perfect.

Then Subscribe to his channel and learn more brilliant card tricks and watch some cool performances too.

A very talented Magician who will teach you the presentation and how to perform it well. He is also on twitter @RJBMagic. Follow him there.

Impossible Three Card trick

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