Jumping Gemini Card Trick
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Jumping Gemini Card Trick

This trick is very special. It relies on some very quick and simple moves which you can learn on this site. What you need is four cards, Two jokers, One Queen and an Ace of Spades.

@TAGSMagic is here again to teach this trick the whole way through. You will need to learn the Elmsley count <click here for a explanation> and a double/triple lift <click here for a explanation> to do this trick properly.

Tags does show you these moves too but worth watching the links provided too for the low down on how to perform these sleights to perfection. Once you have performed this to yourself,

try it out with your friends and family. We will do a recap below on how to perform the Jumping-Gemini Card Trick.   As with all magic tricks. Practice, practice and more practice until you can do it perfectly.

Keep the secret to yourself. Your friends and family aill be amazed.

Jumping Gemini Card Trick

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So here is a recap of the Jumping Gemini Trick.. Step by step

  • Put the cards in the order shown. Thats the first move.
  • two jokers, queen of hearts, then the ace. Its pretty simple once you put this order into play
  • Perform the elmsley count to keep the deck in order. Alway watch the video to learn this correctly and practice it in front of a mirroe until you get it right.
  • use double lifts and triple lifts to deceive the spectators of the ace moving through the deck. Again watch out tutorials on the lifts, it is a basic move in magic and a must to do it properly.
  • then show the queen as if the cards have all changed
  • then its onto the finale of showing the jokers as if the four cards are now jokers. A Great kicker at the end!!

You learn so many sleights that can be used in other tricks and worth learning properly to add to your arsenal of moves that deceive. We will be doing more tricks like this over the coming months to help you develop your magic better and add to your repertoire. Remember to check out all our tricks here on Free magic tricks and illusions.

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