Karnival DOSE Deck
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Karnival DOSE Deck
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Karnival DOSE Deck

This deck is from http://WWW.KARNIVAL-INC.COM, artwork by Sam Hayles. The deck sells for $9.95

The tuck case...

The front and back of the case has the same design. It's a black box, with a white dripping, splattered circle. There is what looks like duct tape crossing out where the eye's would be ( if our circle had eye's ).

There is also duct tape across the mouth that has also been stitched shut. The nose of our duct taped, stitched upped circle, is a hole, the bottom of the box has a jack of clubs,bar-code reveal.

The top of the box has two mini circle's,that look like the front and back of the box. One side of the box has BROUGHT TO BY http://WWW.KARNIVAL-INC.COM, and the other side has Made In U.S.A.

The 3 Week Diet


The deck handles very well,with the USPCC air-flow finish. Fanning, Spreading and Faroing are no problem with this deck. 8/10.

Look of the deck...

This deck's look is somewhere between grungy post-modern and macabre. The back of the cards have a faded design that looks like the front and back of the card box. This back design is a one way back ( meaning,when you shuffle,or mix up the deck,some card's may look up-side down ). Kind of unusual and I'm personally not a big fan of this one way back.


The deck comes with two Joker's. Both are a tuxido clad human skull, one is wearing a top hat and the other joker has a ace of hearts reveal,sticking out a crack in the skull ( no top hat ).

Court card's...

The court card's are in your standard pose,with faded colouring and strategically placed, small skull and cross bone's.

The faces have there eyes and mouth duct taped and the mouth is also stitched shut. The Queen's look particularly creepy.

Ace of spade's...

The ace of spade's has a faded center spade with KARNIVAL DOSE printed at the bottom of the card.

The corner pip's have a skull and cross bones in there center. There is a skeliton sticking out the top of the center spade and faded printing in the background, around this there are what look's like medical needle's around the hole design. Not a bad looking ace...

BUT all the ace's have the same design with the only differance being there suite pips.

Number cards...

The number card's have faded printing, medical x-ray's and skeleton's in the background of the inner card. Although each number has a different background,they are the same background in all suite's of the same number.

Karnival Dose Deck Recap

The karnival dose deck also come's with a double backed card and a Karnival advert card,that has a reveal that says YOU WILL CHOOSE THE FOUR OF CLUBS. Look of the deck rate's..8/10

Over all I'd give this deck a 8/10

Well there you go..All question's or comment's are much appreciated..for more reviews like karnival dose deck then click here

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