Magic Tricks and Kids

Magic tricks and kids a good combination? Few pairs in this world are as enchanting as that of children and magic and this is a pair in which each is definitely made for other.

Childhood is described as being one of the most magical periods in a lifetime when imagination is at its wildest and creativity at its optimum.

So what could be a better way to encourage a child to make good use of both than apply it in magic, for enjoying, understanding as well as performing?

While magic in itself has a charm of its own and is quite absorbing to watch for all age groups, for children it goes beyond a fun experience and has some educational implications as well.

It urges them to explore beyond what is visible and realize the importance of concentration both in work and play.

In fact, kids usually get so involved with magic that most of times they end up wondering and inquiring aloud as to how it happened and what might have caused it – something that most magicians find extremely annoying. And so Magic tricks and kids are a great combination.

At this point it is imperative for a magician to understand that although children do not make good spectators they are a wonderful choice for a partner and getting them into the thick of the action would be like a dream-come-true for them.

This is why magicians like Magic Bob Raynor who perform at birthday parties, schools, day camps and so on generally entail active participation from children and enable them to experience magic first hand.

Such magicians also devise tricks in accordance with the age of the kids as also their interests so that the show is a memorable experience for all those who have watched it.

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Magic Tricks and Kids.

Calling the birthday child on to the stage and making balls popping out of their ears will surely make his birthday special while the kids in the audience can be involved by colorful pom-poms hovering over their heads or scarves zipping past their heads.

Impressing kids with magic is not as difficult, as Magic Bob Raynor claims, provided certain basic guidelines are borne in mind before and during the performance.

Some of the points which should be heeded while selecting magic tricks for kids are –

- Children are fascinated with different colors and shapes and hence performing magic tricks which entail use of bright colors would be perfect to grab their attention and keep them absorbed.

 An important factor pertaining to children is their short attention span which is why it is important to select magic tricks which are not too long. Children tend to lose patience with tricks which seem to go on and on and might just begin to wander around if it does not end soon.

- Birds and animals hold a special appeal with children and hence any magic show pertaining to them must feature these.

Some of the common tricks entail pulling out rabbits from hats, converting napkins into birds and balls into butterflies as these never fail to draw endless squeals of delight and laughter.

- Weaving stories into your magic would make the show even more interesting because if there is something that children lover besides magic, it is stories.

Therefore, a seamless combination of the two would be an ultimate in entertainment and reflect well on your abilities as a magician as well.

- It is essential to select magic tricks which correspond to the age of the children and complicated magic like card tricks and something that appears violent, harsh and serious should be duly avoided.

After all the aim of the show is to induce a smile on the face of the child and make it entertaining so that they have pleasant memories to carry with them. Balance the magic tricks and kids will be happy.

Magic tricks and kids, it helps in a number of different ways and as the famous magician Ryan Oakes claims, it is possible for anyone to be a good magician.

Of course he advocates that aspiring little magicians must start with simple tricks and then move on to more complex ones depending on their level of mastery.

Something like broken toothpick, mind reading and cut and restores string are ideal to start with and as the kid becomes more adept, he can be shown how to deal with cards.

As children pick up these tricks they not only develop confidence but sharp mental faculties and manual dexterity as well. On his part, the magician must also set a good example while dealing with his young pupils and some of the must-have attributes are -

A good memory – Every good magician whether he performs for kids like Ryan Oakes or is capable of complicated magic like David Blaine, performs tricks from his memory.

So while picking up the easier tricks, children need to use their memory a great deal in recalling all the steps, method of operation and all the paraphernalia that would be required.

Dexterity with hands – Magic entails swift and smooth movements of hands as also a great degree of hand-eye coordination.

This undoubtedly requires hours of practice and dedication to ensure that every trick is performed with perfection.

An active mind – The concept of magic is difficult for kids to understand and questions are inevitable.

On his part the magician needs to respect this inquisitiveness and tackle the situation so that while the kids do not lose interest in the show they learn to respect the other’s talents as well.

Powerful presence – It is imperative for a magician to maintain a powerful presence on stage as then only will he be able to carry out all his magic tricks with grace and aplomb.

Choosing tricks – The chosen tricks should match up to the intellect of the kids as also their academic level failing which they are likely to lose interest.

And there we leave it. Magic Tricks and Kids, great for them and a business for you.

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