Magicians Should Always Carry
Must haves you should never leave home without

Must-Have Paraphernalia for a Magician,
Magicians should always carry!!!!

Does magic require a specific set of tools?

Even a 10-year old aspiring and amateur magician experimenting with his box of magic tricks would answer in affirmative to this question although his perception is limited only to his own kit.

It only goes on to prove how important tools are for a magician and in spite of the variation in tricks there are some must-haves which every magician must include in his arsenal.

Following is the list of mandatory paraphernalia that is universally applicable to all magicians.... Magicians should always carry

Ball-point pens – Often during a magical performance, one amongst the audience is called upon stage as a way of interaction and asked to write something on a piece of paper.

In such a situation wouldn’t it be embarrassing for you in case the pen does not work?

Carrying at least one working and a few spares ball-point pens not only ensures smooth conduct of the act but also enables the magician to jot down his contact details for a prospective client.

Cards, business as also playing – A stack of business cards needs to be kept handy to facilitate subtle marketing after the show and decks of cards enable the magician to perform confidently.

Having multiple decks close at hand is also feasible in case a particular deck needs to be doctored and hence is concealed after the act.

Magicians Should Always Carry

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Grooming aids – For a magician, a good first impression is half the battle won and this is where the importance of grooming comes into the picture.

Some of the aspects in which the magician needs to groom himself regularly and with special care are his hands, his face, body odor and oral hygiene.

To this effect his nails should be cut and trimmed at all times and his face should be free from perspiration.

This is achieved by including a nail-cutter in the personal make-up kit as also a packet of wipes that will soak away the sweat without disturbing the underlying make-up.

Likewise, body odor is best kept at bay by spraying a deodorant every once in a while during the performance and oral hygiene is accomplished by tucking a few mints in corners of the mouth.

Costume Contingency – A costume is after all made out of cloth and hence most susceptible to wear and tear which may not always come timely.

Therefore, there needs to be in place a plan in such contingency pertaining to the costume arises at a time when repairing is out of question.

Safety pins, black duct tape and an extra tie are some of the supplies that should always accompany a magician wherein a pin saves the day when a button comes off unexpectedly, the tape can be stuck over a torn patch and a tie can replace a bow if the situation calls for it.

Extra accessories – Since accessories are repeatedly used during every performance they are prone to looking old, used and dirty.

Hence it is advisable to have a new lot within grasp so that a replacement can be sought as soon as there is a malfunction.

These are but a few precautions that go a long way in adding the extra zing to a magic show much to the benefit of the magician.

Having taken care of these tidbits, he can build an aura around himself and continue to enthrall his spectators for many long years to come.     

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