Mind freak Secret Deck
Criss Angel

The next deck I will review is the Criss Angel Mindfreak secret deck ....."cough" svengali "cough"..

This deck sells for around $13.00, for this price there are way better decks of this kind out there. Yes I know it's a gaffed deck, but if Criss is putting his name on it.. I expected better!

Yes you can do 100 mind freak tricks. The box has mind freak deck 1 written on both sides, Criss Angel Mindfreak Secret Deck on top and bottom of the deck.

But really its no different to a regular svengali deck but you are paying over the odds for it because it has his name on it.. clever marketing (well to clever really) at its best.

The 3 Week Diet

Criss Angel's Mindfreak Secret Deck

The cover and back of the box has a yellow colour with a mirrored Criss Angel eyes,in the center is a eye ball with Criss Angel written around it.

The boarders are white with a inner advertising of Criss Angels web-site. Its basically a Criss Angel Business card!!

The ace of spade? Meh! nothing to special. The court cards look a little glazed in the eyes.. but nothing special. The joker is just a very plain with joker written at the top left and bottom right corners and Criss Angel logo in the center... Its a very basic deck in my opinion and expensive at that!!

Over all design of the deck 4/10. It Just looks terrible and nothing draws you to them except that it is Criss Angel's own deck.

The Problem is I feel he is looking to make a quick buck and trade on his name. At the end of the day he is a trademark and trademarks make money.

The handling...well fanning good luck with that spreading and faroeing... no better. They are just terrible.

The finish is just awful as I say below.. Its poor, very poor..Over all handling 4/10.

The cards have a cardboard feel, and over all, they are a 4/10... Disappointing and not worth the money. You would be better getting a gaffed deck made by USPCC or a plain bicycle deck. Oh and buy a cheap book on Svengali deck tricks.. Jobs a good one then.

Well there you go boys and girls, hope you liked it and any questions or comments are always welcome.

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