Pen Through Bottle
Magic Trick by Calen Morelli

Calen Morelli Pen thru water bottle trick
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Pen Through Bottle magic trick by Calen Morreli

This is a great trick which needs the following items

  1. Two idenical pens
  2. BB pellets (that you use with a BB Gun)
  3. One Bottle of water
  4. a piece of tissue

Then once you have these you can go to watch the video with Calen explaining the whole routine and the creation of the gimmick. Once you have this made you will have it for life.

Enjoy the routine

Pen Through Bottle
Making the Gimmick

Pen through Bottle Trick Calen Morelli
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This trick needs a gimmick. The pen is the gimmick.

You take one of the pens and remove the end dragging out the ink cartridge with it. Remove this ink cartridge into the bin (with a piece of tissue paper to stop the ink from spilling out everywhere.) and fill the body of the pen with as many BB pellets you can so the end of the pen can fit nice and tight back onto the pen.

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Watch the Video Below to see how the trick is performed

Pen through Bottle BB gun pellets
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Once you have created the gimmick, watch how Calen Morreli performs this neat little trick. The secret is in the science of water refracting and hiding the pen. Of course you will need to learn the presentation of the trick to perform it well but once mastered you will surprise and baffle your spectators or friends that you have made a pen move from your hand into the the bottle full of water which can be examined to see that it really has happened.

The handling is very imporant to master, the hiding of the the orginal pen is very difficult but the flick and balance will come to you in the end if you practice, practice and practice.

Calen Morrelli burst onto the magic scene when he started his 365 days of magic on you tube. He then was spotted by a famous magician called David Copperfield and was invited to work for him creating amazing illusions that baffle and mind bend the punters.

He has done very well for himself performing for TV and Stage.

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