Rubber Band Card Trick

The Rubber Band Card Trick is a very functional trick in fact a easy card trick, which will add to your list of tricks you can do with a deck of cards, plus a rubber band. It makes a chosen card escape a deck of cards using a rubber band.

Its a brilliant trick i have within my arsenal of tricks i use when i do table magic. Its all in the setup of the trick and the performance. You will of course need to practice the technique thoroughly to get it spot on.. but once you do you will see it opens a great start to your card trick list.

Rubber band Card Trick
Easy Card Trick

Here at free magic tricks and illusions we want you to start off knowing the basics and moving forward to more complex tricks.. this one is complex so we suggest you watch the video a couple of times until you get the knack of doing the trick to yourself.. you then can progress to doing the trick to others after you practice the trick until you can do it yourself without fault.

Now watch the trick below carefully and enjoy the perfoemance from MisMag the card trick tutor

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Easy Magic Trick!!!

It is very easy isnt it but you will need to practice it very carefully.

The timing needs to be correct and you will need to master some moves

You will need to know the rubber band move (performance below)

Its a lovely move and one you could use for many effects. Its simple and elegant at the same time.. How to do this rubber band effect is below in the next video on free magic tricks and illusions.

Free Magic Trick

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This trick involves you to make the card return to the top of the deck using a false under cut and then a crimp. The Crimp is very important to most tricks. You bend the card so it doesn't get attached with the rest of the deck when you bend the rubber band across the whole deck, it gets left behind until you do the second move which puts the rubber band into position. Remember to watch the videos correctly to make sure you have the technique correct.

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