Scarf Through Neck
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Scarf Through Neck Magic Trick. How to make a scarf look like it comes through your neck
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Scarf Through Neck trick is a very good trick to do on the street. Many have performed it on television and on stage using a rope instead of a scarf.

But for this purpose we will stick to a scarf but the principle is the very same which ever item you use.

It uses a special knot that deceives the spectator or you can even perform the trick on an unsuspecting volunteer.. As the knot is hidden behind the neck, it is unseen by either volunteer or spectator (or both).

You must watch the video carefully to understand how to create the illusion that the scarf does come through your neck.

The magic trick video is performed by our friend @TAGSMagic. Please follow him on twitter. He also has a facebook page that you can check out too.

So lets hand over to TAGS and let him perform this great piece of street magic and then he will go into the method and explanation on how the trick is done.

Keep an eye on the tips he gives you as the magic trick can only be performed with the subtleties and tips that make this trick something to put with your arsenal of tricks.

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Scarf Through Neck Recap

So a quick recap of the trick.

  • You will need a long scarf (or rope) that reaches to your waist
  • You need to create a loop by crossing over the hands and push slightly upwards before lifting the other end of the scarf around your neck. Keep watching the video until it just clicks into place.
  • Remember to keep it loose and gently pull it to show that it is around your neck. Thats gives the audience a misdirection you need.
  • Then cough a few times before pulling away from your body and as the knot loosens it looks like it has been pulled through your neck.

Once you have got the knack of trying the slip knot in a devious way and the spectator cannot see the slipknot then try it out in front of an audience.

Remember our Motto. Practice Practice Practice until it becomes natural to you and use it when ever you can to keep it looking fresh.

Its a very simple trick to use on stage too if you so wish to do it on a platform.


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