Secrets of a Kid Show Magician

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Secrets of a Kid Show Magician.....

If you are a magician then you can take advantage of your special talents and make money by appearing on a magic show for kids.

There is a lot of difference between being a magician for a kid show and performing the same role for an adult show.

It is harder to entertain kids as opposed to adults because their attention spans are shorter and they can be very demanding at times.

If one wants to become a good kid show magician then one has to learn the tricks of the trade so that you will be able to entertain the kids and even trick them into believing that your illusions are truly magical.

Even though the targeted audience for the show is mainly the kids but you should design the show in such a way that it would be appealing to the adults as well because a lot of parents accompany their children to such shows.

Inspiration can be drawn from cartoons such as SpongeBob Squarepants or Loony Toons as even though these cartoons are meant mainly for kids, even the adults can enjoy the show.

Thus, the same show is effective at entertaining people of different age groups at different levels simultaneously.

Likewise your magic show for the kids should also be designed and planned in such a way.

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Secrets of a Kid Show Magician cont..

Another key requirement in order to become a good kid show magician is to add some pizzazz and personality to your show.

Performing personality of the magician is a must in order to attract and hold the attention of the kids watching the show.

Remember that the television is the only medium through which the magician can connect with his/her audience and so it is necessary to have your personality shine through otherwise the kids would reach out for the remote in no time.

Of course this is difficult to pull off, but one has to work hard on grooming his/her personality and making it more compatible for a television show on magic for kids.

Simply wearing a tuxedo and pulling rabbits out of top hats is not enough to engage the kids and the kid show magician should study the personalities of famous and successful magicians in this regard.

Silly Billy for example is an extremely successful kid show magician and his performing personality is extremely fun and engaging. Its the Secrets of a Kid Show Magician.

The tone of the show is humorous as well as fast paced, a combination that is enough to get the kids rolling in laughter and being awestruck by the magic tricks at the same time.

While doing your research, look up the names of some of the most compelling personalities of television magic shows for kids like Peewee Herman, Mr. Rodgers, Captain Kangaroo to name just a few.

The performing personalities of these magicians may be distinct and unique but they had something in common: the ability to keep the show fun and the children engaged.

Designing a magic show for children is not easy - it requires a lot of planning in order to deliver great magic for the kids.

Although having a compelling performing personality is a must but it is not the only thing that gets the show running successfully.

Adeptness at great magic tricks is also critical for the success of the show. Therefore invest some time in learning and practicing magic tricks until you excel at performing them perfectly.

One of the secrets of a kid show magician is to get your audience, which consists of kids, to understand the cues that are commonly used in a live performance.

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Children are not familiar with clapping and therefore you need to make your audience understand the fact that they should clap loudly whenever the cue is given otherwise it would just result in an awkward situation.

As a kid show magician it is imperative to establish audience control and set the tone for the show.

Yet another secret of a kid show magician is to warm up the audience so when the camera pans to them the viewers at home would see that the kids are genuinely enjoying the show.

A lot of magicians think that warming up their audience is not a good idea and it is a waste of time but this is a crucial ingredient in order to have a great magic show.

What would be a magic show without the element of fun? Kids love to have fun, so do not make the tone of the show too serious otherwise the kids would not be able to enjoy the show.

Even while making the show fun, do not forget to establish authority in the show otherwise the kids will take you for granted and things would go out of hand. After all one of the greatest tricks of a magician is to accommodate an iron hand in a velvet glove.

There you go..The Secrets of a Kid Show Magician


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