Self Control Leroy
Card Trick

Self Control Leroy
The Effect is this. A Volunteer or spectator is given a deck of cards, he shuffles them to his hearts content and then spreads the cards evenly face down on a table.

The volunteer then points to any card he pleases, and that card is taken from the deck and kept in full view of the spectators. Next he is asked to think carefully of any card and then names it and that card is missing from the deck.

He himself turns over the card he selected from the deck and amazingly, it is the card he thought of.

Its a really clever trick anyone can do and worth learning for your table magic work.

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Self Control Leroy Secret

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The Self control Card Trick is good and can be made effective. When the Volunteer chooses a card you pick it up and place it in your outside coat pocket at the top, allowing about half the card to stick out so to keep it in sight the of the volunteer the whole time.

Now pick up the rest of the deck and scan the deck as he names the card he has mentally selected,  run through the faces quickly and as sonn as you see the card he has mentally chosen, move that card to the top with out him knowing.

Say that you cannot find his selected card and Palm the top card in your right hand. Then give him the pack and ask the spectator to go through the pack to verify the fact that the card is missing. He also fails to find the "thought" card.

With your right hand apparently take the card the spectator chose from the deck from your coat pocket and put it face down on the table. The Spectator turns it over.. The volunteer will be speechless as it is the card he thought of!!

What you really do is to push the card in the pocket right down out of sight and insert the palmed card, bringing it out in place of the other. Magic!!

Palming is an art and we will be showing ways of palming cards in the near future. The method I would use is keeping the card in position using the pinky finger and thumb. Its easy but needs practice.

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