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A Simple Card Trick to learn for free for you to get started in learning Card Magic. One you will need to learn a very special move that will become one of your many moves that will make you a great magician.

The trick in itself comprises of a move (which in magical terms we call a sleight) which confuses the spectator or volunteer that the card you show is the card they chose. And a big dose of misdirection.

The first sleight you will need to learn is the double lift. Click here for a complete lesson on the double lift. This is where you will pick up two cards as one. Its one trick or sleight you will use over and over in your magic career and one that does need you practice daily to get it looking amazing. But its a staple of most card tricks you will learn at the beginning of your career.

Once you have mastered that sleight of hand move the rest of the trick is easy to learn and simple to perform. Lets watch the video below and see how the perform the trick and then the second part explains how to do this very simple card trick.

Simple Card Trick Recap

Simple Card Trick

So a quick recap..

You perform a double lift and show the cards to the spectator asking him to remember the position and value of the card. YOu show around 10 cards then place them back onto the top of the deck..

Cut the deck in half, spread those cards and ask the spectator to touc of the cards, you take this card and put it in your pocket.

You then ask the spectator to give you the position of their card. (Say its the 7th) and deal down to this 7th card and place it to one side (At this point you palm the next card which will be thier selection).

You then ask the spectator to tell you what the value of the card is.. then ask them to turn it over.. It will be wrong.

Reach into you pocket with the palmed card and pretend it is the card the volunteer originally picked from the bottom half of the deck..

As you reveal their card you take a bow as you will have owned them all the way!!

You have created your first illusion. Remember the rule of Free Magic Tricks and Illusions. The Three P's.. P.P.P.  Practice Practice. Practice.

Please leave a comment below if you like this trick and tell us how well you performed it and if people liked it,

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