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Slap the Card Magic Trick is brilliant. A card is chosen from the deck. It is the lost with in the deck with shuffles, cuts and more shuffles. The deck of cards are placed in a pile and you reveal the bottom card expecting it to be the chosen card.. it is not!! you remove the card from the pile and show a different card, which also isnt the chosen card, you repeat this a few times until you have a small pile to perform the final part of the trick. the small pile of cards is gripped between  your fingers then slapped leaving the chosen card and a surprised spectator. Again our thanks to @TAGSMagic (please follow him on twitter and subscribe to his you tube channel. He loves it when people follow him and subscribe to him) for showing us this trick and filming the explanation. His method is sheer brilliance and worth practicing as the ending could be used in other different tricks you may have. That sort of ending is called a Kicker and what a kicker it is.. What the video below for the trick and explanation.

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Slap the Card

It is a classic trick isnt it.. worth noting that its impromptu too and can be performed with any deck given you. So lets have a quick recap on the trick and go through the moves.

  1. Get a spectator to pick a card from the deck
  2. Cut the deck into two piles and create a break under the bottom card of the first pile.
  3. Place the selected card on the second pile, turn it over and place the bottom card (of the first pile) onto the selected card and put the first pile under the second pile.
  4. Move the top two cards to the bottom via the method shown by Tags and then shuffle them keeping the cards at the bottom.
  5. Show the bottom card and do the slide to remove the selected card and place it down on the table..
  6. Then do the slide action with another five cards until you have a good pile of cards.
  7. Put that pile between you fingers and slap down on them leaving on card pinched between you fingers
  8. Show the card and take the praise!!

And thats it..Have a lot of fun

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