Swing Cut
Card Control Technique

The Swing Cut is a method for cutting a deck of cards without the need of a table. It is used within a lot of other more complicated cut sequences as well.

Its a starting move where you grip the deck in your hand and using your first finger and thumb, you swing half the pack to the left and then grip that pile in your other hand. You the place the other pile of cards on top.

Its used in lots of tricks where you need to place a selected card into the deck. If you know the bottom card the it places this bottom card on top of the chosen card.

It looks very professional when done correctly. Its uses are numerous and I am sure once you have mastered the technique, you will use in all the time in your routines.

Again I would like to thank www.52kards.com for coming up with the tutorial video and they explain it rather well.

Lets watch the video below and learn how to do the Swing-Cut Technique.

Swing Cut Card Technique

So to recap. You grip the cards in a over hand grip where your ring and middle fingers hold the front edge of the cards whilst your thumb holds on to the back of the deck.

You then bring your first finger into place and used the pad of the first finger to pull up roughly half the cards leaving the other pile of cards in the grip of the other two fingers and thumbs.

From that position you swing out the top pile to the left using the thumb as a counter lever.

Grab this pile in your other hand and then place the cards that are left within the middle finger and ring finger on top of the first pile.

Its quite easy if you practice getting the knack of it. Its a smooth movement too so no need to jerk it. Practice separating the cards into two piles first before you swing the piles across. Get a feel on how hard you hold the cards too.

With all card technique, you need to get a feel of the trick and doing it over and over again will help you get that kind of feel. Take your time. Learn it in stages and it will be like second nature in the end.

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