Transforming Your Magic Career
Key Attributes That Can Magically Transform Your Career in Magic

Transforming Your Magic Career
Key Attributes That Can Magically Transform Your Career in Magic

Come to think of it, there is a lot of similarity between a well-prepared wedding cake and a successful magic show.

Both depend on an impeccably smooth and glossy appearance to create the crucial first favorable impression and also represent a culmination of number of factors all of which need to fall into place at the right time.

Like the way in which cake preparation begins with a skilled and talented baker, the first requisite for a good performance in magic is that of an adept magician.

Much of what follows henceforth depends on the management capabilities of the individual concerned and the final performance is an outcome of days of preparation.

But is it just hard work that ensures a successful show?

If you have answered in affirmative to this question you could not have been more wrong because there is lot more involved here than what meets the eye.

Assuming that you have mastered the art of conducting magic tricks of various genres and are confident of pulling them off in front of spectators, it is now time to work on factors that would add shine to the basic package.

Imagine a wedding cake without icing and frills – don’t you think it appears dull and boring? Similarly, it is imperative for a magician to cultivate an aura around himself if it is his ambition to excel in his chosen craft and accomplishing this task calls for inculcating the following attributes to transforming your Magic Career –

"Transforming Your Magic Career is
important for your growth"

Transforming Your Magic Career

Right attitude – Every individual is entitled to an attitude but when it comes to fulfilling career aspirations then it is important to ensure that your attitude is compatible with your chosen field.

For a magician, identifying the right frame of mind while performing and ensuring its onset irrespective of external factors is instrumental enough to make a difference between an exemplary and an average performance.

Given the fact that every famous magician is equally well known for his attitude as his talent, an aspiring amateur might as well develop this attribute during the early stages of his profession.

Creativity – While it is a mandatory ingredient for every type of performing art, it is especially required in the field of magic owing to its long legacy and repetition of tricks.

For example, if you as a performer keep drawing ribbons of various colors and coins out of your spectator’s pocket, soon you will have reached a stage when there would be no-one to watch you.

And lack of audience is not owing to magic having lost its charm but the predictability of your act.

Innovation is the name of the game here, meaning you might perform the same tricks but you must ensure that they are enacted in different ways and utilize varied props so that they do not appear monotonous.

In fact, you can even go a step further and devise your own version of a common trick and also treat it as your signature act.

Respect professional confidentiality – Secrecy is the key to any profession and especially in case of magic which is why you owe it to your work as also your brotherhood not to reveal the modus operandi of any of your tricks.

Then how is an inquisitive audience best handled? Such a spectator should be smiled upon as benevolently as possible and ignored subsequently.

Following these edicts will not only render your persona attractive as a magician but also enable you to carve a distinct niche for yourself within your own community.

These are characteristics that may not be taught in any school but their veracity stands proven by the fact that they are universally accepted by and strictly adhered to by magician community.    

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