V5 Paper Denim
Card Deck Review

Dan & Dave Buck's. V5 Paper Denim.  From the Smoke & Mirror series.

Dan & Dave Buck's. V5 Paper Denim.

From the Smoke & Mirror series.

This deck is from the D & D Playing card company, designed by Si Scott. This deck sells for $ 18.95

The Tuck Box...

This is a new embossed case, using metallic ink on imported paper. The front of the box has Playing Card's printed on it ,in a fancy white design.

There is a wonderful art design in the middle and around the boarder of the box,all this on a blue denim coloured case.

The back of the box has a back to back D's on a light blue,checker board background, with a bold blue denim boarder. One side of the box has The D & D Playing Card Co. Hollywood.Ca 90028 printed on it and the other side has Dan & Dave * Illustrated By Si Scott.

The bottom of the box has Playing Cards Crafted from recycled paper on one side and the back to back D's on the other side. The top of the box has Poker on one side and Aristocrat on the other side ( there is no seal on this box ).


This deck handle's like a dream,they are a light stock card with super smooth action. Fanning, spreading and faroeing are no problem with these beauties. XCMer's will love this deck. This deck was designed with luxury in mind,pure perfection.

Handling this deck rates 10/10

V5 Paper Denim
Look of the deck...

JOKER... The V5 Paper Denim deck come's with two identical joker's. They are a mirrored magician in top hat and tail's,holding a cane. Very classy
Court cards...

The court card's are very simple in design,using a blue denim and red colouring. No fancy design's in the royal's clothing, just a simple and elegant look.

Ace of Spade's... Standard ace corner pip's in jet black with an amazing blue denim center spade that almost look's like a water fountain. Artwork on this ace is brilliant.

Number cards... Standard number card's, Clubs and Spades are jet black, Hearts and Diamonds are vibrant red, all on a classic white card.

Back of cards... The back to back D's are in the center,on a blue denim checker board background with bold white boarder's.

Look of this deck rate's 10/10

Bonus card's... The deck come's with a blank face card and a www.dananddave.com advert card.

Over all I rate this deck 10/10.

I really love this deck,even though it is a bit expensive,I find it is worth the price, you can easily use these card's in any of your magic routine's without your spectator's thinking it's some kind of gaffed deck.

Well there you go... any questions or comment's are always welcome.

Until next week, Stay Magic