Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN)

Any Card At Any Number, or commonly known as ACAAN, is a Card Trick that is to a magician the holy grail of all card tricks. David Blaine, Copperfield and others have all performed a variation of this classic trick.

The idea is this.. A spectator picks a random card and places it in the deck then select a number, the cards at dealt and at that number chosen by the volunteer their chosen card is found. Its an amazing trick.

We are going to show you one method of creating this classic.. This version is called the Invisible any card, at any number card trick and we hope you will enjoy learning it and using it as much as we do.

So the basis is this, get a spectator to randomly select a card. make a note of the bottom card. Cut the cards and put their card o the top pile and place the bottom pile on top. Go thru the deck and find the bottom card and the next card will be their chosen card.

Split the deck at the point and reverse the piles so the chosen card is now on top. Countdown how many cards they say and turn over the card that is the position.

Place those cards back on top of the pile and the their chosen card will be in the position they said it would be. Watch the video below for a full explanation with the idea of having a invisible card.

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Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN)

Its a very good trick and this is one of many types of ACAAN you can do, this one is simple to do and doesn't take a lot of preparation time. Its a marvel to perform and enjoyable too. Why not get them to count to their number at the end of the trick instead of you.. it makes them feel like the magician.

Here at Free Magic Tricks and Illusions we want to help you learn and develop into a very good magician. All the tricks on the site are very easy to master and you will always look impressive if you practice the tricks until you can do them perfectly.

Practice is the main ingredient to a successful magician. Please feel free to look at the magic articles to help you develop your knowledge in Magic and Illusion.

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