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Coin fold is a magic trick that has been around for a very long time. All you need is a piece of paper, a coin and and a magic wand which stays in your pocket.

The idea of the trick is to get the coin and fold the paper around it. Then once the paper is completely covering the coin, you pull out your magic wand and say the coin has disappeared.

You then rip the paper package up to show the coin has completely disappeared.

ts a great trick which should fool your audience as they really think the coin has magically disappeared from the package you made with the paper.

Lets watch the video below to see how to perform this trick and how to do the coin fold magic trick for free

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Coin Fold Magic Trick Recap

Cool trick!! Its very simple really. Its on in the way you fold the paper around the coin. If you press the paper around the coin it leaves an embossed pressing of the coin to give you even more of an effect of the coin being in the paper.

Then you fold the paper around the coin so its able to slip out into your hand where you palm the coin ready to dump it into your pocket.

The wand is a great way of dumping the coin in your pocket as it is genuine reason to put your hand in your pocket.

A big move covers a little move. You will see this practiced in a lot of tricks, if you don't have a wand say you are going to your pocket to get a bit of magic dust, then you can drop the coin in your pocket from there.

We at free magic tricks and illusions want to show you the best magic tricks and help you become a great magician.

But you will only be a good a magician when you practice each trick over and over again until you get it right. Find a mirror or film yourself doing the trick until it looks great. It will take time to work this trick so practice practice and practice it.

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