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NFW card trick

Here we have a really cool card trick that you can learn and add to your repertoire of card tricks. Its a very simple trick where you show jokers then they turn into the four aces.

It will take a little bit of practice and we have added the tutorial from the move called an Helmsley count below. Once you learn that move it will open other tricks that use it on this this site.

The video below is the performance and the tutorial is below in an another video.

cool card trick
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Cool Card Trick Method & Gimmick

Once you have created the gimmick cards and learn a special move you can perform it to your friends and family. 

You will need the four aces and two jokers. Try to make sure the jokers are the same as you need them to look like four jokers in the beginning changing to four aces. Some jokers look different ways so try to keep them exactly the same if possible.

To create the gimmick you will need a joker and the ace of clubs. You will need to stick them back to back so the faces of each card are shown. Ace one side and joker on the other.

You will need to put a little bit of doubled sided tape to another joker. you can press the double sided tape into some cloth to take some of the tackiness away from the tape making the handling of that card easier when you perform the trick.

Once set you can do the trick.

Watch the video below to see it in action and learn how to do this really simple card trick.

cool card trick
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Here is the link to the Emsley count here which will show you how to perform this brilliant way of showing the cards you need and hiding the other cards away. So watching the method in the video above you can see how well this trick works in front of your spectators. Its a real worker

And has a great kicker ending,

We want to thank the teacher her of this trick and you will find other performances of this young magic all over you tube. Why not subscribe to his channel. 

Remember our motto. Practice Practice and Practice some more. If you would like to buy cool tricks then visit our shop where you can buy tricks to download that are amazing and don't cost a lot of money to create the gimmicks involved

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