Double Undercut

Card Control Technique

The Double undercut is a utility move in magic. We will show you this Card Control Technique .

The Double-Undercut is a fundamental technique for card control. It can be used to control a selected card to the top of the deck, or to secretly move a number of cards from the bottom of the deck to the top (and vice versa).

It also involves creating a pinky break to keep the cards separated which then moves into a thumb break ready. You can then cut two piles back on top of the deck, this makes for a false cut but looks very deceptive to the spectator. They think their card is lost in the deck.

As with all utility moves, it pops up in card magic all the time and once you have learned it, you will find yourself using it in other situations as well as a way of keeping the spectator off guard.

Remember the thumb break and pinky break are very important to make sure the cards as square, this hides what you are doing with keeping the two piles separate.

Lets watch the video below by 52kards.com and watch this excellent demonstration of the double under-cut!!

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Double Undercut
Card Control Technique

The demonstration shows quite clearly the fundamentals of doing this trick the right way.

It does need a lot of control with the pinky and thumb doing most of the work keeping the two piles separate until you start with cutting the deck back on top of the first pile. Its a fluid movement and does take a lot of practice to master it correctly.

Watch yourself in a mirror until you can do it without a pause. Its a very deceptive move that fools a lot of people all of the time.

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