Earn Money with YouTube
and Free Magic Tricks
and Illusions

Earn Money with Youtube and Free Magic Tricks and Ilusions

You have the potential of earning money by partnering with us and using youtube.com. Becoming a Youtube partner can help you earn money every single month

Please show me.... How?

When you watch a youtube video, do you see the adverts on the video? well you get payed when someone watches your video or clicks on the adverts on that video.. 

So by creating a video, uploading it to Youtube, sending the clip to us to promote on this website, you could earn a lot of money.

How to Earn Money with YouTube

To get started follow these three easy steps!!


You need a youtube account so open one using a google account if you have one. Then you need to sign up for a partner account which is totally free with YouTube and wait a couple of days for approval. Its easy to create these accounts.

STEP 2 Once you have approval, its time to think about the magic tricks you are gonna perform and teach. Once you have created your first video, upload it to youtube and select adverts to be shown on the video. Then send us the link to the video, Just copy and paste the web address and we do the rest,


Send us the link to admin@freemagictricksandillusions.com and we build a page, link it to the correct section of this site, we then promote this page on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, other social media and it will often be sent in our e-zine magazine

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That's it! 

Its that simple. Check your account monthly to see the money roll in, the more quality videos you have the better the earnings you will have,

Remember we are not a reveal website so no methods or reveals of new magic tricks or magic tricks attributed to any magician. Keep them simple and give them a twist to give them freshness.

So send me as many videos you can and we will do the rest. The higher the qualitt, the better the hits you will get,

Rememeber to be concise and thorough in you explanations and descriptions of moves you will perform during the trick. Do the research

So whats stopping you. Get on youtube and partner with Free Magic Tricks and illusions 

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