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Free Magic Tricks And Illusions we strive to bring to you magic tricks and illusions that you can perform, give you ideas and tips within the magic pages. Reviews that help you decide on what to buy and where to buy it.

Les, Gary, Tim and Trudie are here to help you in your quest to perfect your magic performances and help you become a really great magician.We film magic tricks and write about them so you can also perform them.

Just to clarify on our stance on revealing magic tricks.WE DO NOT AGREE WITH MAGIC REVEAL SITES!!!! OR THE MASKED MAGICIAN

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What we provide for free is tricks that you will find in a book from your local Library. Magic costs money!! Magicians create tricks to help them fund themselves.

If every new trick is revealed on a website.. Magicians will not make any money and stop creating the illusions. We are just giving you a taste of all things magic. For really cool magic then go to our shop

The Magicians oath is not just there to be a spoil sport. We never share the secret of the tricks to just anyone. We entrust to you our secrets for you and then you keep them a secret. We help you so help us by keeping the methods secret.

If you have a friend who wants to be a magician then show him this site.

Everyone here on FMTAI love magic and want to share the enjoyment of magic to everyone who aspires to be a great Magician.

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  2. Great tips!

    Oct 15, 16 07:39 PM

    I like how your tips work together. Specifically, you say that you should make small talk and keep the audience engaged while setting up or performing

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    May 22, 16 01:27 PM

    Thank you for showing us the magic trick. I would love to learn more. Please keep the website going as its really good

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