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Magic is everywhere online and here at Free Magic Tricks and Illusions we want to share free magic tricks online to help you become a more proficient Magician.

On our site you can learn all types of magic with street tricks, card tricks, coin tricks and mentalism tricks.. we also have a section on special card moves and card shuffling (cardistry).

Please feel free to watch the videos here on free magic tricks and illusions and learn them by practicing them until you can perform the trick flawlessly and perfected.

One you have done this you then can move on to a different trick and learn that one. Once you have a few tricks up your self you can perform it well. Lets learn a cool trick below.

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The 3 Week Diet

Here is a quick cool trick using very small pencils. It is loosely based on a Dai Vernon trick using chinese matches but we use pencils instead. Its very clever.

Watch the video below and become fascinated with the world of magic tricks and illusion.

Free Magic Tricks Online

It is a very simple trick where you count to 8 doing certain moves, the trick involves a sleight where you fake placing the pencil into a hand where in fact you keep the pencil in the same hand all the time.

Its a very simple trick which you can do whith all different objects as long as they are small enough to fit into your hand and is easily withheld.

As the video shows it can help if you learn the false transfer in the video. this way it looks smooth. Remember to always practice the trick and one idea of practicing is using a mirror, just perform it in front of a mirror so you can see what the performance looks like in real time.

Once you have mastered it, perform it it front of friends and family before doing it in public. 

Why not try to learn more tricks from the website, with over 100 magic tricks to learn and perform, try the card magic section on the site where all you need is a pack of playing cards and a few little tricks to wow anyone of your friends and family.

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