Magic Chat Box

Welcome to the Magic Chat Box. Its for you to use and chat to other Magicians in realtime to chat about Magic

Here are the Magic Chat Box rules

No swearing

Don’t advertise your site

Don’t leave several messages in succession

Don’t leave a pointless message

Don’t leave a message consisting of only smilies

Rememeber it is a chat box for talking about Magic and Illusions, to make new friends and share Ideas
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Why register?

Registering allows you to keep your ID, status (moderator, member, owner etc.), and friends list on other computers, or after your cookies have been deleted. You can also get a xatspace, which is your own personal profile. This makes it almost impossible for other users to impersonate you, and makes it easier for your friends to tell who you are when you’re on other computers. It also allows you to buy xats and subscription time or receive them through transfers. On a few chats you won’t be able to join unless you’re registered. Your name also appears higher on the list than non-registered users. You can always logout and become just a number again.

How do I register?

Click on your name in the chat and click the "Register" button, fill in the required information (Email must be valid!) and submit the form, click the activation link in your email, then login using your email and password. You may need to refresh any chats your on for registration to take effect. If you don't get an email back then your email service has not delivered the email. Try opening a account.

How can I change my registered name?

Warning: Anyone can take your old registered username if you change it to a new one.

Click here, put in the username you registered with and your password. Scroll down and click “More”, then enter the registered name you’d like in the field, and in the change registered username field type in what registered username you want and click “Change User Name” (You may need to refresh any chats you’re on in order for this to take effect). You can change your registered name only once every 14 days.

How can I log out and become just a number?

Click here, and then click “Logout”.

Will I keep the same status/friendslist if I login to another computer?

Yes, your status and your friendlist will be restored if you login to your registered account on another computer. You can login by going to

How do I change my password?

Click on your name in the chat and click the "Register" button. Click the Change password tab.

I lost my password?

Click on your name in the chat and click the "Register" button. Click the Lost password tab.

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