The Pressure Fan
Tutorial and Method

Pressure Fan
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The Pressure Fan is a modern two handed method of producing a card fan that ensures an absolutely symmetrical fan.

Many magicians use this type fan to allow a spectator or volunteer to chose a card and also showing the deck as being clean.

It will take some practice so read the article below and what the video to show you tips and technique in performing this fan flawlessly.

Practice is needed so get out a fresh deck of cards and do it.

There are many methods of doing this type of Fan and we are going to show one method here.

Grab the deck and hold the pack at the ends between the right thumb and the middle & ring fingers, the first finger curling at the top.

Remember to squeeze to bend the cards as you would when you want to spring the cards.. just buckle them slightly to give you the pressure.

The pressure fan
method and technique 

Pressure Fan
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Place the deck of cards in the crotch of the left hand, the tip of the left thumb resting on the inner left corner of the back, the index finger slanting diagonally across the face of the pack.

Bend the cards downwards over the left index finger and spread them in a fan by sweeping the right hand in a circle to the right allowing the cards to slip from under the fingertips.

Keep the bend in the cards while completing the fan keeping the pressure.

This wonderful flourish is useful in offering the cards out to a spectator can chose a card.

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Its a lovely way of showing the cards in the best light. It will take a fair amount of practice to actually master the fan but once you succeed it will be your go to method of getting a spectator to choice a card at will.

You will also find that using a newish deck will help as they tend to slide a lot easier than older decks of cards that have had a lot of use and maybe slightly dirty.

Moving on you can learn other specialist fans or if this is a bit hard then try the thumb fan which is available on this website.

Hopefully you will comment below on how well  you can do the fan and if you have any suggestions for other techniques then please comment below.

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