The Shake Change Tutorial

The Shake Change is a incredible utility move that you can perform to reveal a chosen card from a spectator.

The premise is this. A spectator stops at a card during a riffle selection. The magician then shows the card and places the card into the middle of the deck. He then shows the top card from the deck and picks it up. He then shakes the card for it to change into the selected card. 

You can also use this method with a signed card which i will explain below the trick.

You will need to learn the double lift and triple lift which we will put this video at the bottom of the page to help you learn these moves.

Our thanks go to Sleight of Hand 101 for this tutorial and click on the blue link to see his channel

Right lets get into this extremely versaltie move and watch the video below.

The Shake Change Recap

Its a marvelous utility move and one which i know you will use in many situations. So lets recap the trick.

  • You need to perform a triple lift whether its from the top of the deck or the middle. This is the start as you will need three cards to complete the illusions.
  • Let the spectator see the card at the bottom of the pile of three so they know this is there card. (the spectator doesn't know there are three cards on the pile)** read below to see how to get them to sign the card**
  • Place these three cards on top of the deck and remove the top one explaining this is their chosen card and place it into the middle of there deck.
  • Take the next top card and show the spectator and during this you make a break under the card on top of the deck. Place the card you have shown to spectator and place this on the top of the deck.
  • Pick up both cards as one using your thumb and middle finger.
  • shake your hand and during the shake use your first finger to twist the cards showing the spectator his chosen card/
  • Place the cards back onto the deck and remove the spectators card and give it to them.

**You can also get the spectator to sign their card by putting the cards on top of the deck face up, get them to sign the card as you hold the deck, you then triple lift the cards face over and you are then set to perform the trick**

Double and triple lift explanation 

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