Signed Coin Through Glass

The Signed Coin Through Glass trick has been a staple in many street magic or coin magic repertoires for years. Today we will be learning a variation that can be done impromptu and at a moment if asked to perform a coin trick.

What you do is tap the bottom of the glass with a signed coin, after a count of three, the coin is seen to penetrate the bottom of the glass and the coin ends up inside the glass. If done correctly it looks amazing.

What you will need is a coin, a small glass and a marker pen. And then you are set to perform this trick. You will need to learn the move properly and watch your angles as the method could be seen so i suggest you do it a maximum twice, maybe just perform it once.

You need the spectator to sign the coin so they know the coin that is penetrating the glass is theirs and leaves out all possibility of a switch being used and a different coin ends up in the glass.

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The Signed Coin Through Glass

Its a very clever move that allows the coin to seem to penetrate the glass, its all in the throwing of the coin so it rebounds of the palm of the hand holding the glass.

Its all in the handling. You need to place the coin center in the palm of the hand at the beginning and after the second movement, turn your hand over to help you place the coin on the fingers, with the third move of the glass hitting your hand, the coin should lift off towards the palm of the other hand and the coin will end up in the glass!!

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of bottle to do this in front of a group of spectators but once mastered you will be confident in doing it.

Try practicing this trick in front of a mirror to make sure your angles are crisp and clean so the cannot see the coin move from your hand into the glass. It is very nacky to do it but practice practice practice.

For more coin tricks like this then go to the Free Magic Tricks and Illusions home page where you will find lots of tricks and articles that will make you a better magician.

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