Smooth False Cut 

Learn a Smooth False Cut which you can use to pretend the deck is in a different order. Its a real fooler and worth spending your time learning the moves and timings needed to make it look slick.

You will need a deck of cards which are in a particular order you want to keep. So for instance you want to keep the top 4 cards in order.

What the video below to learn this really crafty false cut.

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Three Piles
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You grab the deck and place it down onto the table, then split the deck taking between a two thirds to a half of the deck and put that pile of cards down.then take about half of that pile and place it down. You should have three piles of cards now.

Try to remember to keep these piles as square as possible so it looks neat and tidy. Its very pleasing to the eye if you can do this and does give an element of class to your performance. 

With practice you will do this without thinking about it, but this does take time and a lot of practice.

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Smooth False Cut ending

Now place the first pile on to the second pile making sure there is a indent so you can find the break easily. Then place this pile now onto the third pile making sure you keep another indent to the second break.

Pull the cards towards yourself making sure your hands are covering the indents on the right side of the pack. Your handling of the pile will make or break how the spectator will see the pile. It should look like a complete squared deck. You hands will do the covering if done correctly.

Using your thumbs find the indents and separate the piles and the follow up but placing them back into the correct order. This way the cards will be as they were at the beginning of the false cut.

Its really easy to do and once you get the timing right it will be a great way of fooling your audience in seeing the cards have been randomly mixed.

If you would like to learn more magic then please continue looking through the website where you will learn really cool magic tricks and illusions. Remember to check out our articles where you will find the theory behind many magic tricks and the performance.

Remember our motto, Practice, Practice and practice some more.

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