22 Blows to the Head by
Jay Sankey
Magic Review

22 blows to the head by Jay Sankey.

Jay Sankey is one of the most creative magicians around. His simple approach to creating top notch effects is second to none.

This DVD 22 blows is the perfect choice to astound any audience, describing tricks using spoons, playing cards, handkerchiefs and coins.  You will really be able to connect with your audience.

I have personally performed some effects from this DVD, and had some great success in not only having fun with the audience, but astounding them as well.  Anyone can perform tricks from this DVD, from the beginner to the moderately experienced magician.  The tricks are relatively easy to learn, but presentation is key to really pulling them off!

In this DVD, you will find some effects that will quickly become part of your everyday arsenal of tricks to perform. Some of the tricks do require some advance preparation and materials.  There are twenty-two effects in all, and I go over a few of them to give you a sense of what you will get if you decide to pick this up. 

Some Tricks on 22 Blows to the Head

Mercurial Prediction: This effect uses the technique 'mercurial card fold' and although this effect is at an intermediate level, it can be performed with confidence after some diligent practice.

Serial Killer: The effect is killer (in my opinion) when it comes to bill effects.  With this trick, you borrow a spectator's bill and without looking at the bill, you attempt to discern the serial numbers on their bill.  It's a lot of fun to perform, and you will get a lot of mileage out of this effect.

Greed: This is one of my favorite effects on this DVD.  This particular effect is a twist on the effect 'Bank Night' and is relatively easy to perform.  You will have a lot of fun with this one, and there's room to put your own performance spin on it to make it your own.  

All in all, this is a great DVD to not only learn mentalism, but to expand upon your patter and performance when you go out to perform these effects.

As always, Jay Sankey gives you a lot of information on how to pull these effects off, and he also gives great tips on the creative process and how to perform the twenty-two effects that he has presented for all of us to enjoy.

Everyone will find something for them to perform, and if you are looking to add some material to your show, then look no further.

Jay Sankey performs his magic all over the world and we have added a link to his website below:

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Reviewer Jason Marroquin - https://justinmarroquin.com