Ambitious Card Trick

In-depth teaching of the trick that David Blaine used

Ambitious Card Trick is a fantastic trick which has been performed over the generations by many great magicians including David Blaine. The setup is simple, totally impromptu and just gets more unbelievable the more phases this trick goes through.  I LOVE THIS TRICK!!

There are four phases to the trick and you will need to learn some moves to do this card trick correctly!!

Equipment needed is a sharpie (or a marker pen) and a deck of cards to perform this trick successfully.

Getting the spectator to sign the card will make the trick personal to them as well. Remember to get the most out of this trick.. get them to help you as much as possible (even get them to hold the card occasionally and push the card into the deck etc).

The trick plays into the spectators' imagination as it shows their chosen and signed card loves to be on top of the deck. Wherever the card is placed into the deck, it always appears back on the top.

Even with a crimp it looks like it physically jumps from the middle of the deck to the top right in front of the spectators eyes!! It really is a great trick that confuses and amazes everyone.

You just need to prepare yourself by practising the small moves needed to fool them all. Learn each step slowly, re-practice those moves until you get it right and then start on the next move.  It's the building of moves that makes this great.

Let us watch the video below to get a feel for how to perform this trick.

Ambitious Card Trick Instructions....

So the four phases will need a bit of practice and you will need to learn a few moves..

These are all shown on the video for you to learn correctly.

And there you go.. performing as the video suggests you will obtain a fantastic reaction to a trick performed by David Blaine on many TV shows. We again would like to thank @obliviousToMagic for showing us this great trick and sharing the secrets with us. Follow him on Twitter by clicking on his name.

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