Ash in Hand
Street Magic Trick

When performing the Ash in Hand trick, there are two effects you can produce with the same preparation and method.

The magician takes a cigarette and rubs some of the ashes into the spectator's clenched fist until the ashes disappear.

The magician then says some secret words and asks the spectator to open their fist and the ash has passed through onto their palm.

The spectators look amazed as if some sort of voodoo or black magic has happened and they get a little freaked out as in their minds, you have not even touched the individual's palm, no contact was ever made with the palm.. It just appears into their hand!! Amazing reactions will be there for you!!


you rub ash into your hand until it disappears then ask the chosen spectator to open their clenched hand and they will see the ash has jumped from your hand to theirs!! The idea is the same but in their minds you have not even touched them at any time during the trick.. the trick blows their minds and you leave with mystery and finesse 

Two for one magic trick!! which is how magic should be...

Ash In Hand Trick....


Put some ash on your middle finger

Ash in Hand Trick


Tell the chosen spectator to stand in front of you and hold their hands out towards you, palms down.  Then tell them to come a little closer and grab their hands to gently pull the person a little closer.

Simultaneously touch their palm lightly with the ash on one of your fingers. You will be surprised how spectators and volunteers miss this.. because you do this bit so quickly they just do not notice it.

Ask them to clench their fist, and then light a cigarette which you use to deposit some ash on their fist (or put the ash in your hand instead) and rub until the ash is no longer there.

You can then say some secret words and ask the chosen spectator to open their hand, the ash appearing to have passed through their fist.

A brilliant trick to perform on the street. You might find it difficult to find people who smoke so you might have to try using your own cigarette.. do not inhale the smoke as it is dangerous!!

Let it burn and leave the ash on the end.

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