Ash on Arm
Voodoo Magic Trick

This Ash on Arm trick is delving into the dark arts in the mind of the spectator. Basically the chosen spectator selects a card, then writes the details of the card down on a piece of paper.  They then fold the paper up and place it on a plate or in an ashtray.

The spectator then lights the paper until it burns leaving only ash. You then take a pinch of the ash and rub it on to your arm where the card is revealed. 

It is a very simple trick really which leaves the spectators amazed and baffled. How is the trick done? Let us explain it in detail here.

Ash On Arm Preparation...

Ash on Arm Trick. Use a cotton Bud and Liquid soap

Ash on arm... What you need is a deck of cards, paper and a sharpie or pen. Oh I forgot.. Soap.

You prepare your arm by cutting a piece of soap so you have a kind of writing implement or a point to write with... one thing to do would be to cut a corner of a piece of soap so there is a point to write with. Or use liquid soap on a cotton bud.

Wet that point with water and decide what card to use.. any card will do, but some people use the 8 of hearts as it is what people normally will select. Write the number 8 then an outline of a heart next to the 8.. make them about the same size.

Next is to load the 8 of hearts in the deck, after which you use the riffle force.

Now ask a spectator to say stop and give them the card (8H) and ask them to write down the card by number and draw the suit of the card on the paper.

Then get them to fold it up and place in the ashtray, light it and wait for it to burn out.

Pick up some ash and rub it over where the soap is on your arm. The ash will stick to your arm to reveal the card they selected and wrote down.. with that walk away leaving your spectator abashed and amazed.

This trick is all to do with the preparation and the setup. You need to make sure you get them to pick the correct card without them knowing it. There are many ways of doing this but pick the method you prefer so it works like clock work.. As before remember to practice, practice and practice more... The more you do it the easier and better it becomes for you and your audience.

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