Bicycle White Raider
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The Bicycle White Raider deck from Magic network.  This deck sells for $6.49 and is definitely worth it!!

The front of the tuck box has Bicycle printed at the top of the box and Raider printed at the bottom; in between is a large spade with amazing art work.  

There is a thin black interior border with a bold white surrounding border.  It looks brilliant with good attention to detail.

The back of the box has a mirrored design with the famous Raider back image. Apparently there are skulls hidden in the design, but it takes better eyesight than mine to see them!!

The bottom of the box has a bar-code, but no reveal.  A serial number (WRD=White Raider Deck) is also shown, and it has printed on it.

One side of the box has AIR-CUSHION FINISH, Made in U.S.A. written on it and the other side has The U.S. Playing Card Co, Erlanger, KY 41018 printed on it.


I found these cards were a little stiff on first removal from the box, but after fanning and spreading then for a while, they worked their way in.

After the breaking in period, they fanned, spread and faro'ed very nicely.  I'll give them 8/10.


The Ace of Spades has Bicycle Raider printed at the top, The U.S. Playing Card CO. at the bottom and the same unique spade design as the front of the tuck box.

All number cards are your standard Bicycle cards, with black clubs and spades and red hearts and diamonds.

The court cards are standard Bicycle cards, but they have an unusual colouring.  Black red and turquoise are used.

Bicycle White Raider Deck Round Up

The Joker...

All you fans of Pirates of the Caribbean can rejoice... The Joker looks like Captain Jack Sparrow in skeleton form.  In one hand is a sword and in the other, a pistol.  He is standing on a stormy beach.

The deck comes with two joker cards; one has a 7 of Diamonds reveal, emerging from the end of the pirate's pistol.

A double-back card is also included (one side has a white deck back, the other side the black Raider back).

The deck also includes a Magic Network advert card.  

Overall, I give the look of this deck 8/10.

Overall Rating 8/10.

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