The Black Cross Card Trick

Here is another free magic trick you can perform.  The Black Cross Card Trick is one of the tricks that can be performed during an act especially when you are performing table magic and walk around magic.

The Trick itself is almost perfect and resetting the trick is as easy as putting the card back into the pack.

So what is the trick... Well, you show the cards front and back to demonstrate that the cards have no markings on them...

You get a spectator to name a random card from their minds, then tell them to pretend their finger is a black marker, and pretend to mark the card they chose with a cross.

You rifle through the deck, finding their card, and magically it appears to have been crossed by their finger!!!

Here is the performance below...

It looks easy because it is easy.  All you need to create a trick that will last a long time is a complete pack of cards and a marker pen.

Split the deck with Hearts and Spades in one pile, and Clubs and Diamonds in the other pile.  Give each pile a big shuffle and then here comes the magic...

The Black Cross Card Trick, Here is another Free Magic Trick you can perform. The Black Cross Card Trick is one of the tricks I perform during my act especially when I'm performing table

With the pile of Hearts and Spades, put a cross on each card on the back... try to keep the crosses within the border of the pattern, say to 3 cm of the edge of the card.

Then with the pile of Diamonds and Clubs, do the same but to the faces of the cards, try to keep the crosses within the border of the picture cards and keep the same size cross on the faces...

This halves the chances of any glimpses by the audience.  One thing I will stress is to keep the cards together as much as possible and always show as much of the fronts and backs as you fan them to show they have no markings.

How this trick is done is shown below...

Black Cross Card Trick Round Up

Remember this trick will serve you well.  Only do it a maximum of twice with a crowd, then move on to another trick.  Keep it in your arsenal and wow the people.  It simply resets each time and away you go... Blow the audience away with this trick every single time.

Try it for yourself and comment below on the successes of this card trick, Free Magic Tricks and Illusions want to hear from you.

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