Card Deck Reviews

Card Deck Reviews

A Welcome Note from Billy

Hi fellow magicians.

Magic is my passion. I love magic and all things within the art. But I am also a card collector. I collect cards for fun and pleasure, it has become a good obsession and something I love to do.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than opening up a brand new deck of cards and reviewing them for you.

I also use them within my act. I only use the best and my experience with cards will show within my reviews here on Free Magic Tricks and Illusions.

I will be doing a weekly deck study/review. This study will be strictly my opinion on the handling, quality, look and price of a multiple assortment of card deck's within my collection. And I have many. This is just a sample of them. Some are dire and some are worth every penny to buy. With my experience I will take you on a cool journey so you end up with the right deck for you.

Each deck has been used in performances too so I can explain the total feel of them and how you might be able to use them. Costs are varied depending on where you buy them. Most prices are selected from the Internet but sometimes you can find them cheaper on eBay or other magic sites online.

Many of the decks are bicycle standard and are poker in size. If they are not we will tell you within the description. Some come with Gaff cards and I will tell you which ones they have.. Double backers and different Jokers are part of it and also if there is a reveal on the deck's box..

Hope you like it, All questions and comments are welcome.

Please remember that it can take a while to source the decks which you would like us to write up for you. If you want to do a study yourself then do get in contact. Having different opinions on the same deck can be enlightening to all of us.

If you have a deck that you want Reviewing then please contact us on the contacts page.

Below are many Card Deck Reviews for you to enjoy.
Billy will return soon to add to the collection

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