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The Card to Pocket Magic trick is absolutely fantastic when it comes to showing your magic off as they chuck the cards at you and Beg "Show us a trick!!"It is impromptu and you will do it without any preparation except getting one card into your pocket, once the trick is done, it leaves your spectators in awe of you.

A great packet trick. A great Magic Trick Revealed

The good thing about this free magic trick is you fool them straight away even before you start doing the trick. It is Impromptu classic and you steal the card straight away to your pocket at the start and the trick is almost done.

You create the illusion by holding three cards and manipulating the heart ace to look like the ace of diamonds. With the ace of diamonds in your pocket, the rest is easy.

You place the cards in front of the ace of hearts so the curves are removed and a diamond shape appears. This will fool the audience into believing what they have seen is a miracle in their eyes.

It packs small and plays big in their eyes.

The patter must be slick and if you become really good, you will be able to fan the three aces without hesitation to make the heart appear to be a diamond.  And that is the secret..

It will blow them away and if you only do this once, put the deck down when you have finished and walk away, it will give you a mysterious presence about you and leave the audience wanting more.

Watch the demo below.

Card to Pocket Card Trick Round up

Is this not a great magic trick? This trick will do you proud and shows everyone that you can produce magic with any deck, with a quick preparation which can be done without the crowd knowing.

You can blow them away with this transposition card trick that just looks so cool.

We at free magic tricks and illusions want you to learn these kinds of tricks to help you develop your skills for such situations.

Like being asked to prove yourself as a magician with the showing off of tricks that inspire and breath freshness to the bog standard tricks you see being performed by the non-magic type.

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