Classic Palm
Coin Utility Trick

Learning the classic palm technique makes coin tricks much easier to master, as it is a very easy way to fool your audience.

Look for the right sized coin to perform the perfect coin palm with a video below regarding how to perfect the classic palm coin technique.

Once you start to practice this we at free magic tricks and illusions suggest using a mirror to enable you to see yourself perform. It helps to show you how you can best cover your angles and how your hand looks to a layman.

So let us watch the video below so we can learn this palm.

How to do Classic Palm

The first thing to master with the classic-palm is the position of the coin in your hand. It should be on the palm and as you gently close your hand, the muscles in the palm press against the sides of the coin keeping it in place.

Classic Palm

The best way of doing this is tossing the coin from hand to hand, and after doing this a couple of times you make sure the coin is in the correct position in your palm.

You then turn the hand gently pulling in your thumb slightly to help the muscles in your palm grab gently around the edge of your palm.

It should be a light grip, to test the grip you should be able to tap your hand on the table to release the coin. It is a delicate move but one you will need to master.

Classic Palm Coin Technique

You then move this hand towards the other hand and pretend to drop the coin into that hand and pull it away. This gives the impression of the coin being tossed from left to right (but it has not as it is still in your hand in the palm position).

It is a shrewd manoeuvre that fools the layman completely.

Once you have mastered this utility move you can go on to learn some great magic tricks which use this palm technique.

It may be prudent to practice the trick in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself perform and judge your angles more accurately.

J Bobo Coin magic book is a great way to start learning magic with coins.

Learn this and the world is your oyster with coin magic.

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