Coin Through Hand
Coin Trick

The Coin Through Hand is a basic trick where the spectator watches you push a coin through the back of your hand, the coin then falling on to the table.  This trick can be performed time and again and will always captivate your audience.

Impossible you might say but with a little sleight of hand and misdirection you can produce a great illusion of the coin passing through your hand.

So how is it done? Well here at free magic tricks and illusions we show you how to perform the trick and give you some tips on how to perform it the best way.

Because we at free magic tricks and illusions are experienced magicians we pass on our knowledge and expertise to help you become a better, more confident magician. 

Right let us watch the video below and recap the trick after we have watched it..

Coin Through Hand Recap

This trick looks impressive if it is performed correctly. To get it looking great you will have to practice this trick until you find perform it naturally.

Coin Through Hand - Coin Trick

The secret of the trick is to use two identical coins. In the demonstration the magician used half dollars but you can use any two coins as long as they are the same value. It is what you feel comfortable with. Some people can use a bigger coin or a smaller coin.

You hide one of the coins in the hand you wish to push the coin through. Where you hide this coin is in between the thumb and index finger, this sleight is called a thumb pinch palm.

Coin Through Hand - Coin Trick

One you act out the coin being pushed through the hand, the first coin is pulled back into the hand by pulling the coin up the fingers and once the second palmed coin falls out, this causes misdirection.. you then start putting the first coin into palm position.  To perform this move you have to learn the classic palm.

Once this is completed, pick up the other coin that is now on the table and show your audience that it has passed through your hand on to the table.

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