Cool Magic Trick

How To Make a Deck of Cards Disappear

This Cool Magic Trick shows you how to make a deck of cards disappear right in front of your audience. 

It is a three phrase magic trick that is very elegant in the way it is shown.

You will have to create a gimmick first which we will explain later.

Cool Magic Trick, How to make a deck of cards disappear

So let us make the gimmick first. You need a old card box and a random playing card, I have a Queen of Spades here.

You will need to cut out the face of the box which has the flap attached to it as the picture here shows. Carefully cut around all edges.

I suggest you open the bottom of the box and squeeze it together so it becomes flat.

Cut the edges with a pair of scissors or a craft knife, it does not have to be exact as you can trim it to size once you have glued the odd card to the back of this box.

Then it is quite simple as you glue the box lid to the spare card.

Only glue on the card as you want to spare getting any glue on the parts that move on the flap.

I suggest gluing up to about a quarter from the top of the card, use the box as a guide to making sure the glue does not go too far and messes up the gimmick in the end.

Once you have finished gluing the card and box together I suggest leaving them to dry. 

Now all you need to do is to trim up the gimmick slightly so it matches the card, it does not have to be too neat but enough to give the illusion when put on top of the deck of cards it looks like they are in a box.

It is a lovely illusion and once made it can be kept in your arsenal for future use.

Now go back to the video and watch how to execute this vanish into your lap. Lapping is a brilliant way of making objects disappear and this way is no exception. A cool magic trick to perform at a dinner table or amongst friends. Big thanks to Xavier Perret. 

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