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Criss Angel Magic

Criss Angel was born on December 19, 1967.

Criss Angel is an American magician and cool illusionist from America and loved the world over.

He began his career on the streets of New York before moving to Las Vegas where he created his own stage show 'Mind Freak' which also became the title of his famous television show. His latest show is called 'believe', which he created in partnership with Cirque du Soleil at the Luxor Casino right in the heart of Las Vegas.

This show helped generated $150 million in tourist revenue alone to Las Vegas in 2010. His new television show Phenomenon is linked slightly to his stage show 'Magicjam' which has been applauded the world over.

Angel has now been on television more hours than any other magician in history, a remarkable feat which knocked David Copperfield off the top spot.

Between his television series and various specials on cable and network television, he holds an amazing amount of world-records which were made during his magic performances.

He was named Magician of the Decade in 2009 by the International Magicians Society and also holds The Magician of the Century, which was awarded to him in 2010.

Criss Angel Magic said that, "I stayed away from magicians when I was younger because I did not want to think like them and wanted to create my own style.”

His very first appearance on television was in 1994, where he performed part of a one-hour ABC special entitled Secrets.

One of the early supporters of Criss Angel was director Clive Barker renowned for his horror creations. Barker contacted Angel to work on his film 'Lord of Illusions'.

Barker later recorded the introduction to Angel's album 'World of Illusion: System One'.

Barker spoke highly of Angel in the mid-1990s that, "Criss Angel is extraordinary, a spectacular mix of visionary magic. This is the future, and it cannot come quickly enough.” 

In 1998, Angel performed sixty shows per day; he had a ten-minute slot over the course of the "World of Illusion" conference in Madison Square Garden.

Angel also starred in the 1997 television movie 'The Science of Magic' and its 2003 sequel 'The Science of Magic II'. Criss Angel Mindfreak, which would later become Angel's first television series, was originally an off-Broadway show by Angel, which in 2001 was then picked up by the World Underground Theatre.

When not performing the show, Angel went onto the streets promoting his great show to the tourists. Criss Angel Mindfreak show was incredible and ran for more than 600 performances between 2001 and 2003 at the World Underground Theater in Times Square.

He also stayed in a tank of water for twenty-four hours and set a world record for the longest amount of time for a human to be completely submerged under water. This endurance performance would also become a part of his first television special, and was a great exhibition of Criss Angel Magic.

Angel, like many other magicians like Derren Brown and James Randi, has also been known to actively discourage a belief in medium-ship, saying very seriously "that there is no way for mediums to speak with people beyond the dead.

Angel has started publicly, "if somebody's doing that for entertainment purposes, that's one thing. But if they claim to be communicating with the dead, I do not care if they are from my hometown, I do not care if they are my family members: I will expose them and tell them what they really are." Not unlike Houdini.

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