Disappearing Reappearing Silk
The complete guide to Thumb Tip Magic

Disappearing Reappearing Silk

This trick is part of our Complete guide to using a Thumb Tip.

It is one of the basic tricks you need to master on your journey to be a Thumb Tip Magician and it is really easy to perform. It will take some practice to master but once you have learnt this trick, it will give you a start to using the thumb tip.

What you will need is a Thumb Tip and a small piece of silk. The silk cannot be too big else it will not fit into the thumb tip.. Once you found the right size, keep it with your thumb tip at all times really to show off your magic with.

Off to one side, lay your silk crumpled in a pile with the thumb tip hidden underneath it ready to steal it. As you pick up the silk you press the thumb tip on to your thumb and pick up the silk, keeping the thumb tip hidden behind the silk.

In regards to all vanishes with a tip, you need to load your prop into the tip.  This load is good for all vanishes of silks, handkerchiefs and paper. Basically the items need to be stuffed into a closed fist...

You steal the tip into a palmed position then push the silk into the thumb tip within that enclosed fist.

First tuck with your index finger, then middle finger then back to finishing off the stuffing of the silk, push your thumb into the tip and remove from the enclosed fist.

For good measure push your finger into the enclosed fist and then open both hands showing the silk has indeed vanished. Use a finger waggle over your hand to make it look more magical.

Disappearing Reappearing silk trick

Now to get the silk back you need to steal the thumb tip again into your hand and using your fingers, remove the silk.

Once the silk is back you can either ditch the thumb tip into the pocket or replace the thumb tip on to your thumb and hide it behind the silk as before...

Watch the video to help you learn the different methods required for this trick.

You must learn this in front of a mirror to help you work out the angles needed to perform this trick without revealing the secret.

Enjoy it and work hard to get it looking extra special.

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