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Does It Matter Who Performs The Magic ?...

It does happen many times while walking down the marketplace that suddenly you come across a big gathering wherein everyone’s attention is transfixed on to something in the center.

On joining you find yourself a spectator in a street-side magic show – such shows are characterized by a magician in the center who starts showing tricks to interested passers-by and soon is the center of a big crowd.

This brings us to the question that is it really important.  Who does the magic? Does It Matter Who Performs The Magic ?

Rather than applauding only the famous magicians, is it not enough that the individual is sufficiently talented to perform magic tricks in front of a crowd?

He may not be as renowned as some of the other big names in the field but the fact that he is capable of completing all his tricks successfully indicates that he is indeed a good magician.

And ultimately, the reaction of the spectators is the same whether they are watching a professionally renowned magician or a lesser known street performer.

Perfectly executed magic tricks never fail to draw gasps of astonishment from the crowd and squeals of delight from the younger onlookers.

But.....Does It Matter Who Performs The Magic ?

But if considered from a different perspective, one fact which emerges is that all prominent magicians started small – in fact most of them were street magicians who gradually acquired fame courtesy of their talents and then rose up the ladder to become internationally acclaimed.

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The first name which springs to mind in this regard is that of David Blaine who started out as a street magician and then shot into fame as his brand of magic received acknowledgement.

Although he then switched over to acting, he continued demonstrating his magic tricks to his friends but fame as a magician still eluded him.

Then he realized that the right method of rising up would be to explore his roots. David’s fascination with magic was sparked when he witnessed a street magician performing on the street.

Like all children he was not simply content standing and watching and was extremely curious about the tricks. After much pestering the magician allowed David to be his assistant, little knowing that one day the little boy would grow up to be one of the greatest magicians of his time.

On recollecting this simple incident which had taken place so long ago during his childhood, he decided to launch himself as a street magician.

David began to perform on the streets of New York wherein he used to stop people in their tracks and execute magic tricks in front of them.

Simultaneously he used to record the spectator’s reaction and when he had sufficient recordings he sent them to the ABC television network.

They were so impressed by what they saw that they awarded him a contract for producing his own show followed by another one a couple of years later.

Needless to say, the shows were so popular that David Blaine the magician became a household name and remains so even today.

Of course, he moved on from simple street magic to other more complicated tricks and illusions and has gradually acquired acclaim as an endurance artist.

On studying the profiles of famous magicians like Harry Houdini, Robert Houdini, PC Sorcar and Doug Henning, a single point which they all share is that of having humble beginnings and then working their way towards fame.

So the next time you come across a street magician, do not just brush him off but give him a chance to prove himself. You never know – if he is good with his hands then tomorrow he might be the next big name in the field.

A street magician may appear ordinary but if he is confident enough to pull people to watch his show then may be he is not so ordinary after all.

For all you know he might have something up his sleeve which no-one has ever thought of before? So in the end Does It Matter Who Performs The Magic ?

What matters is the magic itself and how well it is performed rather than who is performing it.

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