Dressed For Success
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Are you dressed for success?? Does the costume of a magician make any difference to their  performance?

While many would wonder at this question, it has been proved over the years that a magician who is dressed to be a success is indeed the one who soars high in their career and enjoys the adulation of their fans.

This is because they have taken the trouble to dress in such a way that their audience has been able to identify them as a part of their gathering and they have managed to blend in seamlessly with the atmosphere and surroundings.

So why is it important to at least look the part? The age-old cliché of first impression being the last is applicable here –

as a magician when people see you for the first time as you walk on to the stage, they form an impression about you even before you have commenced with your show.

It is akin to going into a car showroom to buy a car for yourself. As you see the various models, the one appearing to be the most attractive grabs your attention first although others might be of the same calibre.

Dressed For Success

While it is true that what you wear does not make an iota of difference to your talents, dressing up would only add to the picture and if you dress up to be a success then it is bound to have a positive impact on your audience.

If you intend to make a career out of your magical talents, then it is imperative that you must give equal importance to your image and style of presentation apart from your abilities.

What you wish to wear is something that you have to decide for yourself as there has been no consensus on this even amongst the top magicians of the world for as long as the last few decades.

When Jean Robert-Houdini started out in his career, he observed that the trend prevalent at that time amongst magicians was to dress up like a wizard, complete with a tall and pointed cone hat.

He decided that this did not suit his style and instead chose to dress up for his shows in elegant and tastefully selected evening clothes. This deviation from the existing tradition was a revolution in itself and set the way in which magicians dress even today.

Because Houdini went on to excel in his art and was soon proclaimed as being the father of magic, imitating his dress code indeed became the unspoken rule amongst the following generations of aspiring magicians.

Dressed for Success

For quite a few years, the tuxedo has been the standard for being considered as dressed for success for a magician as it bears a classical touch of the art which magic is.

So common is its usage that most of the magicians around the world show a marked preference for a tuxedo while performing, it being like a uniform which suits the traditional and classic manner in which magic used to be approached during the years gone by.

However, change being a constant phenomenon, wearing a tuxedo is now a matter of preference rather than a rule and contemporary approach preaches that if a magician wishes to be dressed for success they should customize their costume as per their personality, style of communication and what they wish to convey.

As a result, the dress code may vary as per the venue and would also depend on whether the magician wishes to stand out from the crowd or blend in completely with his surroundings.

An important point to remember here is that in the present scenario, the magician’s choice of dress should be carefully made bearing in mind a number of factors rather than blindly following the popular trend.

Whatever the costume, it should obviously be suited to the magic which would be performed at the show and a useful suggestion is to ensure the presence of many pockets so that all the necessary requisites are well concealed.

Selection made as per the weather and the venue also clicks well with the audience like donning brightly colored clothes for a street performance or dressing as a clown while performing at a magic show for children.

Different magicians have their own ideas and are likewise dressed for success.

Lance Burton is one the few magicians who still prefer a tuxedo since he feels that it suits his traditional act and style the best while David Blaine is always simply dressed in black shirt and trousers both of which lend an enigmatic look to his personality.

David Copperfield is one of those who is yet to relinquish his t-shirts but his success is enough proof of the fact that his way of dressing up has worked for him every time.

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